Alternative Advent Calendars for Christmas 2016


Alternative Advent Calendars for Christmas 2016

With December fast approaching, there’s no denying that Christmas is just around the corner, meaning it’s almost time to start the festive countdown. Gone are the days of advent calendars that just have pretty pictures behind their doors. From indulgent chocolates to swanky nail varnishes and luxurious beauty products, you can get pretty much anything to mark the countdown to Christmas these days.

But what if chocolate isn’t your bag and you don’t know your Ciate from your soap and glory? Well folks, we know that food and drink are what you’re really interested in, so we’ve gathered up some of the best alternative advent calendars and there’s not a Baby Jesus cartoon in sight.


Advent biscuit kit

If getting all of the ingredients together and rustling up baked goods sounds like too much effort, this advent biscuit kit provides eeeeeeeverything you could possibly need to make festive biscuits to help you count down to Christmas. Admittedly, you still have to bake them yourself, but where would be the fun in biscuits you didn’t have to bake. OK. Yeah, maybe you’re right. But still. We think it’d be a good way to get into the Christmas spirit?


Pretty sure this is a concept everyone can get on board with. Gin Foundry has created an advent calendar filled with teeny tiny bottles of gin to help you count down to the biggest celebration of the year. But this one isn’t just about opening those little doors on a daily basis. To coincide daily gin unveiling, Gin Foundry run live tastings on their social media channels, host tastings throughout the country and run features on the gins included. Tasty and educational. Ideal

Coffee Advent calendar

If the thought of a gin a day throughout December turns your stomach, maybe you’ll be more interested in an advent calendar that will get the synapses snapping first thing in the morning. This little number from Perkulatte will perk you up when you open the door to reveal a different flavour coffee throughout the advent season.

Alternative Advent Calendars. Christmas Party Venue London

Perkulatte | Memory Lane | Ginvent | Advent Biscuit Kit

Tea advent calendars

More of a tea drinker than a coffee fiend? Well, worry not, you’re accommodated for too my friend. The Bluebird Tea Company’s festive offering is full to the brim with tea-themed treats, including luxury tea bags, mini matcha pots, tea scented mini candles, vegan chocolates, a Bluebird pin badge and other surprise tea-themed gifts!


OK. So liquorice is a bit of a marmite food – you either love it or you hate it, but if you love it, this calendar is bound to get your tastebuds a-tingling. Created in Denmark, it’ll include chocolate, mint, blackcurrant and other flavours married with the traditional liquorice flavour for a real, grown-up taste sensation. Christmas isn’t just for the kids, after all.

Memory Lane

Fancy a trip down memory lane with your advent calendar this year? Course you do, you nostalgic soul you. Handmade by the folk at Ashby Treats, these pretty little packages are filled with all kinds of festive delights, including chocolate coins and figures, chewy Bonbons, festive jellies, Sweeties and the most illusive of all Christmas goodies, a delicious Sugared Mouse.

Snaffling Pig

Now sold out *sad face*. We were so gutted to miss out on the Snaffling Pig’s offering for the festive season. You might remember seeing these guys on Dragon’s Den a month or so ago, and they joined the advent calendar trade with a countdown of porky treats. The calendar appeared on ITV’s This Morning and was promptly snaffled up very quickly. We’re a bit jealous of anyone who got their hands on one.

How are you counting down to Christmas this December? If you’ve left your festive party plans to the last minute, fear not, we’ve still got a bit of availability. Give us a buzz on 020 7833 4090 to chat about what you need and how we can help.

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