An Idiot’s Guide to Event Planning


An Idiot’s Guide to Event Planning

OK. First thing’s first – we obviously don’t think you’re an idiot (not until that 9th pint anyway). But if you were and if you were planning an event and had no idea where to begin, you’d be in the right place. Whether the event’s a boozy brunch, a birthday bash or a day to declare your undying devotion for a loved one, some folk hit London rush hour levels of stress when trying to get their party on. We’re here to tell you that with a little bit of organisation, a dollop of imagination and a hearty dose of humour, planning a party needn’t cause a total meltdown. Grab a glass of wine if you need to reduce your anxiety levels and we’ll guide you through the event planning process.

First thing’s first…

You need to find a location and a date for your soiree. The size of the knees up will be largely responsible for determining the location. If it’s an intimate and civilised affair, you might be able to host a dinner party at home, but if you’re looking for something larger, a bit more raucous and with someone else to do the tidying up afterwards, you’ll need to consider taking the bash beyond your home comforts and get out into the wild world.

When viewing a prospective venue, take a list of all the things you wanna know before you book. What kind of food do they offer? What drinks? Will you have exclusive hire of the venue? Can you play your own music? Can you bring a DJ? Will there be security on the door? Who will be your main point of contact for the event? And most importantly of all – what’s it going to cost? Once you’ve found the venue, picking a date’ll come easy.

Next up

Have you thought about having a theme? Keen to get all your guests in black and white? Fancy making it a fancy dress party (we’re always a fan of “things you liked when you were a kid” fancy dress – always hilarious results when someone turns up dressed as a Tamagotchi)? Got your heart set on a 1920’s theme to reflect your love of Chicago the musical? Or just eager to have all your friends and family in one place, regardless of their wardrobe choices? And will you have decorations to reflect your theme?

Whatever you decide, give your guests plenty of notice if you’re theming your festivity. The more time they have to plan, the better the outcome will be. Remember you don’t need a theme – it’s only if you want one. With the right people, food and booze – we’ll come to that in a minute – any party will be a smash.

Event planning ideas. Visit the Chapel Bar London

What next?

Time to sort the guest list. Which of your mates always makes a party great? Who are you super excited to catch up with? Keep the venue capacity in mind but remember everyone has those flaky friends who drop out at the last minute (you know who they are too!), so invite a few more people than you want to be there.


Think carefully about what sort of food and drink you want at your party. Cocktails are always a rip-roaring success but we’d definitely recommend providing food if your pals are big boozers. Eatin’ may be cheatin’ in some schools of thought but drinking on a full belly is the best way to prevent a hangover. And find us a single party guest who doesn’t get the munchies when they’ve had a bit of wine. We’re not saying you need a sit down dinner, but a little bit of sustenance goes a loooooooong way, especially if you’re planning to party into the wee hours.

Final Prep

Y’all know a party is not a party without music. Whether you hire a DJ to take care of everything for you, or just rustle up an awesome Spotify* playlist of all your favourite party classics, banging tunes are just as important as good food and good company. If you can’t be narked to make your own playlist, we wonder where your sense of adventure is, but recommend Spotify’s “genre’s and moods” section for pre-prepared playlists that’ll be sure to help your guests get their dancing shoes on.

Speaking of shoes, dress the venue with a few choice decorations and then splash out on a superfly outfit for yourself. You’re the star of the show after all and you deserve to look your absolute best.

And last but not least

Enjoy Yourself!

*Other music streaming services are available

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