Heat, heat, heat. We just can’t get our fill of it in England; and despite the recent heatwave-to-beat-all-heatwaves, we all still yearn for more summer sun to come. So what corporate party ideas go with a swelteringly hot summer day? Too many! If your corporate party agenda is looking bleak and in need of a boost, then look no further because this month we are styling our blog on spicing up those corporate affairs. Summer party ideas for this year, next year or now! So whether you’re booking in advance or looking for a last minute knees-up, we’ve got something for everyone.


Corporate Party, Cocktail Party

Refreshing, cooling cocktails, expertly blended to give you a taste of summer. Not to mention the cheeky names of all the faves. These corporate parties always go down an absolute treat. Try a few of the fruity ones and a few of the classics and open your tastebuds up to a whole new world of wonders. This tops our list for a super smooth and super cooling summer party; and because the bartenders do all the mixing work for you, there’s no forward prep needed. Decor is optional; the only requirement is the guests!


Carnivals and Funfairs

Those summer funfairs always draw in the crowds, so why not draw your very own crowd and create a corporate carnival party. You can take a truly British approach with the old fashioned Coconut shy, Hook-a-duck and Tin Can Alley; or create a more tropical twist with your very own homage to the annual Rio de Janeiro carnival (or any carnival that takes your fancy). Exotic outfits at the ready!


Picnic Party

Bring back those lazy summer days and take a walk down memory lane with an indoor-outdoor picnic. Pick a venue that suits and one where you can sit and relax both inside and out. You can supply the picnic blankets or guests can bring their own. Opt for some gingham decor and picnic style foods to recreate the picnics of your childhood; and if you’re looking for a family-friendly corporate party then this one is sure to be a winner with everyone.


The Swinging 60’s/70’s

Platform heels, flower power, swirly psychedelic patterns and The Beatles. The swinging sixties never really go out of fashion! Get into a nostalgic mood and party, hedonistic-style, with some of that summer-loving grooviness. By the end of the night your guests will all have flowers in their hair and be singing along to Yellow Submarine at the tops of their voices. Bring back the sixties, baby!


When Summer Ends, Fun Doesn’t!

When we wave a heavy-hearted goodbye to the last hot days, all is not lost. There’s plenty more to plan for the coming year, but that’s for another blog! Book up your corporate calendar for the year and give your team a few special little treats to look forward to. The Chapel Bar is currently taking bookings for Summer, Autumn, Winter 2019 and beyond!

To spice up your own corporate calendar, call to chat with one of our dedicated events team on 020 7833 4090 or contact us online. Our team are experts in party planning and experts in spicing things up! Our modern and stylish venue offers two floors of event spaces, including a heated and covered terrace to add a little bit of the outdoors to your summer affairs. 



Now Booking! Corporate Christmas 2019!

The Chapel Bar is now also taking bookings for Christmas and New Year 2019. As far away as Christmas may seem, now is the time to nail down those holiday plans! Get your Corporate Christmas Party bookings in early and avoid disappointment by calling us on 020 7833 4090 or contacting us online.




When it’s time for your annual corporate summer parties, it’s best to think about how you can help to boost team morale and enhance the office mood; allowing your team to become refreshed, reinvigorated and relaxed. All of this can be achieved with the perfect amount of party planning and a team boosting approach to your annual corporate shindigs. This year we are all set to turn the heat up with some fun summer days, fit for everyone. Don’t let the summer waste away without throwing in some much needed down time for your team; and don’t limit yourself to just one core activity. Mixing more than one type of event will ensure that your team get’s to enjoy the highs of their companies success, with the perfect blend of mood boosting fun and chill-out time.

Corporate summer parties don’t always have to be about team building, although this is always a popular choice. So let’s expand our corporate summer party horizons and look at some of the best summer party themes and events that will help bring your annual corporate party into the sizzling season with a big, loud bang.


Super Sizzling Corporate Summer Parties

Summer parties ALWAYS brings to mind this sizzling corporate summer party idea. In fact, topping the list of any corporate event is food; and summer just calls out for a good old-fashioned, barbecue bonanza. Don’t forget to cater for everyone with plenty of grilled veggies, an array of vegetarian options and masses of mouthwatering meats. Corporate summer parties are way hotter with a little bit of that barbecue heat, so sizzle away!


Bringing the Beach

If the beach is just a little bit too far from your doorstep, then why not bring the beach to you for your corporate summer event in London. Corporate summer party themes are plentiful, but this one really screams out SUMMERTIME. The traditional British summertime party brings to mind ice creams, deck chairs, Punch and Judy shows; and this is definitely one of the popular choices for your annual summer party theme. But if you want to mix things up a bit then look no further. You can create a Hawaian summer luau, complete with grass skirts, flower necklaces and a limbo pole; or an under-the-sea theme for your corporate event, incorporating shell or sand art into your team building games.


Family Fun Day

Corporate summer parties can of course fall on a weekend, but even if they don’t, it’s summer so this one is always a winner. Any day of the week. Create the perfect blend of work, rest and play, with a fun-filled family day. Mix things up with a barbecue and a beach themed party; and continue with an awards evening or team building event that lets everyone be a part of the action. Family fun days let your staff show off their achievements, both private and professional. The whole day can work around the inclusion of family. Alternatively, if you want to include some adult-only time, then set a time when the event will be turning into an official family-free zone. Whichever approach works for your company, will work for your team.


Team Olympics

Team building activities are still always going to be a winner for any summer corporate party; and talking of winning, why not spice things up with a little competition. Teams can compete with one another for prizes, or simply for the thrill and power of winning. Games can be light-hearted and fun, set up to make everyone giggle their way through the silly activities; or strategic and complex. Most importantly, they should be suitable for everyone. Mix this activity with some summertime cocktails and an after-party fit to celebrate the reigning champions and you’re onto a winner


Awards Evenings

Show your team what they mean to you with an awards evening that helps everyone to sparkle like the stars they are. The key with this is not to limit the guest list to just your office; but to bring in the big bosses or family and friends, to really help boost team morale. We all love a bit of recognition for all of our hard work and this is a great way to show your staff that they are appreciated and that their efforts don’t go unnoticed. Throw in a few funny awards – and props for the winners to wear – and you’ll keep everyone entertained… and the Best Beard award goes to…


Social Networking

Do you work with other companies? Do you collaborate with other offices to achieve your companies’ goals? If you do then there is nothing to stop you collaborating on ‘project corporate summer party’ with them too. Team members can mingle and socialise with the people they work with every day, even if their work never brings them into the same room. Putting names to faces is great to enhance and tighten those relationships; and even to create new ones. Again, this event can include loads of fun activities, an abundance of food, competitions and of course, drinks. Mix things up a little while mixing things up a lot.

For a corporate summer party to be envious of, look no further. The Chapel Bar is stylish, adaptable and has space for everyone; and our events team provides advice and support from your initial contact, up to and beyond your event. Summer starts now and Corporate Summer Parties start at The Chapel Bar. Drop us a line on 020 7833 4090 to chat with a member of our team or contact us online and see how we can help get your summer party sizzling.


Now Booking for Christmas 2019

The Chapel Bar is now taking bookings for Christmas and New Year 2019. Beat the rush and book your place for this year’s big finale. Corporate summer parties, birthdays, engagements, weddings and Christmas! Any Event. Any Style. Any Theme. It’s all happening at The Chapel Bar.


Our private hire venue in London has seen some breathtaking birthday parties over the years, from the beautiful, to the bizarre; and a whole load of everything else in between! As a result, this month we are committed to bringing you five of the best birthday party trends for 2019; along with five of our  glowing private hire venue birthday party reviews from our awesome guests. But you don’t need to stick to our list for inspiration. Above all else, it’s important to go with what you love. You can incorporate anything into a birthday party theme.


Music Genre Themed Birthday Parties

We love music and we love a party, but there is one thing we love more. Music and a party! Get yourself revved up for a rave, relax into an evening of R&B or rock out to your favourite band; we’ve hosted a bit of everything. This birthday party theme is limited only by your love of all things music. Turn the entertainment up a notch with a live band, a DJ or even both; and you’ll have a party that nobody will want to leave. Luckily, London has you covered with plenty of late licence venues; and our private hire venue is open till 3am, so you can party until your feet hurt. Rock on!

“From my initial email contact to everything on the night of the party, this was an excellent experience. The evening ran like clockwork and the bar and door staff were very friendly. Highly recommend.” – Jane, Tripadvisor.


‘Big Childrens Birthday’ Birthday Parties

Sometimes it seems like it was only yesterday when we were all running around acting like we didn’t have a care in the world. Which is probably why the children’s birthday party theme is always near the top of the list for adult birthday parties. Back to basics party food, like ice cream and jelly are great to really help us feel that nostalgia; and bigger, better, sillier party games never go out of fashion. Giant Jenga, Connect 4 and Chess like to make an appearance. Of course, we like to put an adult spin on things and up the ante with some birthday game challenges and forfeits. Well, why not?!

“I had my 40th birthday at the Chapel Bar, it was a night to remember for all the right reasons. Staff are highly professional, ask all the right questions from the outset so the evening ran seamlessly. Great location, great value, I would highly recommend!! I wish I could do it all over again :-)” – Hannah, Google Business.


The ‘Sporting Stars’ Birthday Parties

This birthday party is perfect for sports fans of all shapes and sizes. Whether your birthday party theme is aimed at the hardcore football fans, tennis stars throughout the ages or a true baseball bonanza, this one is for you. Encourage all things fandom with sporting decorations to match, or simply  let your guests show off their own favourite sports stars with an open ended sports theme dress code. We love a ‘through the ages’ sporting greats party. Whichever way you go, this party will give you and your guests a great night and have everyone talking.

“A quality service. All my guests commented positively on the venue, the friendly staff and the food. Everyone had a great time. A professional establishment before, during and after my event.” – Alan, Google Business.


Glitz and Glamour Birthday Parties

London is known for it’s nightlife and what better way to enjoy it than with a bit of glamour? Black tie, cocktail dresses, the works. You could even add an element of mystery by throwing an epic masquerade ball. Probably the most enduring of all party themes, but who doesn’t love a bit of glam. Incorporate sequins and glitter and certainly everything that twinkles. Add a luxurious dinner menu and the sparkle of champagne and your evening will be complete.

“I had my birthday party at The Chapel Bar and it was definitely the best party I’ve ever had. The venue was perfect , the bar area is lovely and the dancefloor is brilliant… I would highly recommend the venue for parties and lots of my friends were also really impressed . I loved it !”Helen, Tripadvisor.


The Heroes and Villains Birthday Parties

Another party theme where guests can choose to embody current or historical figures and which will get everyone into the swing of things. Talking of swinging, Spiderman will most likely make multiple appearances. As one of the Marvel superhero greats, you won’t see anyone complaining. This birthday party theme is by no means limited to comic book heroes and villains, rather, you can choose to take inspiration from anywhere. Heroes and Villains is truly one of the all time fave party themes for all ages and all personalities.

“Overall – I give this place 5 star + on service, professionalism, and location…so highly recommended if you are looking to host an event and want quality service from start to end!” – Royston, Google Business.

Most importantly, remember that the birthday party theme needs to suit the individual, so think about what will make them happy and run with it. Unicorns, Football fanatics, Disco Divas, all things American or a good old fashioned casual knees up; create the perfect party so that they can have the night of their lives. Finally, birthday party ideas can become birthday party successes with just a little forward planning. So get planning for the best parties London has seen.

Our private hire venue in London holds a late licence and suits all types of birthday parties. Adaptability, space management and party planning expertise is key, so if you’re looking for help with your party planning, just ask a member of our team; because we know how to throw the biggest and the best parties. Call us on 020 7833 4090 or email or visit us online.

Christmas Bookings 2019

The Chapel Bar is also taking booking for Christmas 2019 and we recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment. Call us on 020 7833 4090 to speak to our team about booking your place for this year. Birthday Parties, Christmas Parties, Corporate Events, we’ve got it covered.


So you’ve got the engagement rings and maybe even have the wedding rings picked out. But things don’t stop there for the budding Bride and Groom to be. Now there is a whole host of parties to plan for; and perfect to make sure that every moment of your love is celebrated in a manner befitting to you and your loved one. Tying ‘The Knot’ and all of the occasions leading up to – and post – weddings, are an opportunity to show everyone who you are as a couple; and your engagement, wedding and even future anniversaries will be a chance to flaunt your love to the world.


The Engagement Party

So the Engagement ring is firmly on the finger of your beloved. Now comes the fun stuff. Engagement parties are a way to let your hair down and truly celebrate with everyone you love. Get the guest list organised; and maybe consider adding a gift list. A must if you are also planning on moving into your first home together. The fun part isn’t about the gifts though, it’s about the company and making sure everyone, including the two of you, have a great time. Add some funky touches to your engagement party with some cute decor, buffet style food for partying fuel; and some cheeky little photo opportunities so you can look back on the occasion and smile. Maybe even have a little giggle.

  • Photo Booths and Photo Props

    • Party props and photo frames are all the rage and dressing up can put you and your guests into fits of giggles. Hire out props or make your own. Either way, this fun and funky approach to party planning is sure to go down well with your guests. Especially after a drink or two. Let the engagement party craziness begin!
  • All that Twinkles

    • Glass jars filled with little twinkling lights and confetti filled balloons; decor for your engagement party doesn’t need to be extravagant, it just needs to set the mood. Dim the lights and set the scene for a twilight-esque themed evening. Love will be in air for more than just the Bride and Groom.
  • Food for Thought

    • The engagement party doesn’t need to be a seated affair with a sit down menu. Instead, why not opt for buffet style catering or even a summertime barbecue if the weather calls for it. Tailor your engagement party catering to the weather and the season and everyone will be eager to pile their plates up; leaving you less to take home when the night is over and making sure their tummy rumbling doesn’t send them home early from all the excitement.
  • Drink to your Engagement

    • Champagne, spirits, craft beers or sweet syrups. What is it that you love the most? Mix it up into a special engagement themed cocktail for your drink-of-the-night and let your guests get a taste of your coupledom. You can even make a kid friendly cocktail for the little ones and add a little twist with some sweet garnishes; to make drinking your engagement party cocktail feel extra special.


The Wedding Reception

What makes an awesome Wedding Day? Everything that promotes happiness and joy; and maybe even brings a few (happy) tears to everyone’s eyes. Everything else is a bonus, but you still want to get the bonus stuff right. Selecting the best Wedding Reception venue, creating the perfect seating plan, tasting the most luxurious to-die-for food, planning table and venue decor, the Wedding toasts, Wedding favours and, of course, the first dance. There’s loads to think about when planning your Wedding and Reception; and getting it right before the big day means that you can relax into the celebrations without a care in the world. Every newly married couple needs to send themselves off into married life with a day (and night) to remember forever.

  • Wedding Styling to Suit

    • Venue decor is the first thing to think about when planning your Wedding reception; and getting it all prepared can take months. Help is always on hand from family, friends and even event planners and expert hire venue staff. Whether you are keeping things simple or pushing the boat out with Wedding decor to make the Royals envious; either way, whatever suits your personal taste should shine through and show everyone a little glimpse of you and your beloved.
  • The Wedding Breakfast, Cakes and Everything In Between

    • The formal wedding breakfast is the perfect opportunity to let that extra little bit of luxury seep into your Wedding Reception; and many venues offer up formal dining menu’s to keep everything in one place. Make sure you keep the whole wedding party fuelled up for the evening, with a range of options to suit even the most fussy of eaters. Remember too that there will be plenty of opportunity later in the reception for snacks, desserts and of course the pièce de résistance, the Wedding Cake. Wow, thats a lot of food! I’m already dreaming of a sweet station.
  • Fantastic Wedding Favours

    • Your Wedding favours will be something that everyone can enjoy equally, but more so, they should contain a little bit of the married couple. Offering a few keepsakes for your guests will help them remember your special day with you for years to come; hand made place settings or wine glasses, photographic mementos, personalised jewellery, The world really is your oyster and your wedding really is your time to shine.
  • The Most Memorable of First Dances

    • Aside from the typical traditional slow dances and the recent trend of viral-worthy dance routines; you can still incorporate subtleties to make your first dance as unique as you. Hire your favourite band, have a song created just for the two of you, or pick a lesser known tune that is truly dedicated to you and the love that you share; and if all other ideas fail, recreate a cheesy musical and get the wedding party and guests involved. If it’s memorable then it’s a winner.


Wedding Anniversaries and Wedding Blessings

Reliving the day of your dreams with a Wedding Blessing, or Celebrating your years together with family and friends, is the perfect way to revisit the lives that you’ve made together as a married couple. Fill your day with memories through videos or photo slideshows, strategically position mementoes of your first and following years together. Raise a glass to married life. You’ve got so much to celebrate and remember; and so many ways to remind the world that your love can last a lifetime.

  • Recreating your Wedding Day

    • Whether you take the best bits from your big day or go the whole shebang and recreate your entire Wedding; getting things perfect the second time around should be like revisiting an old friend. Easy and just as much fun as the last time. Going for a Wedding Blessing can allow you to relive every glorious moment; and why not; we all love a good wedding so who wouldn’t love it twice!
  • Taking a Trip down Memory Lane

    • There are so many ways to remember the lives you have been living together. Why not host a movie night with some of your best memories together. Wedding day footage is compulsory. This isn’t just for the long-time couples. The first few years often hold a load of exciting memories that you can reminisce over together. Wedding Anniversary parties can be much more chilled out than the wedding, so keep the decor to a minimum and the memories turned up to max.
  • Go for Indulgence and Intimacy

    • Wedding anniversaries are the perfect time to spend with the people who you hold dearest. Whether you are planning an all out party or a brag-worthy dinner with your closest friends and family, a sit down meal can help keep things a little more luxurious and still encourage the chatter. Reminisce together with the most amazing and mouth watering food and drink; and raise a glass to the past and another to the future.

The best parties take a little forward planning, but they also give back a lot of joy, happiness and memories that last a lifetime. Engagements, Weddings and Anniversaries bring excitement and love into our lives; and thats why we spend so much time trying to make them perfect. So once the planning is done and the special day arrives, make sure that you are enjoying every single moment. That way, the only memories you will have of the day are happy ones.

The Chapel Bar is a Private Hire Venue in Islington. We have a variety of Private Hire options and Private Hire Spaces available and our dedicated events team are experts in all things party and all things party planning. The Best Private Hire Venue in London. Contact us online or call our events team on 020 7833 4090 for all private hire queries.



Welcoming back the warm weather also sees us welcoming back our Summer Sizzler public opening. We have opened up our venue for our Summer Sizzler event, which will see an amazing summer, filled with half price drinks offers. Take a moment to enjoy the evening sun in our heated and covered Terrace Garden, adjoining our Terrace Bar; or mingle with the crowds in our Saloon Bar with attached Dance Floor. We would love for you to come and join us this summer for loads of sizzling fun and a refreshing atmosphere.



Half Price Drinks Offer

In addition to our Summer Sizzler public opening hours, we are kicking off the summer with an amazing half price offer on drinks.*

This offer is included on all Beers, Spirits, Soft drinks, Cocktails, Wines and Prosecco.**

*Half price drinks offer excludes champagne


  • Prosecco – From £15 a bottle
  • Wine – from £11.50 a bottle
  • Cocktails – from £5
  • Craft Beers – from £3
  • Spirits – from £3
  • Selected Pints – from £2.70


For full drinks list please contact us on

**Offers not applicable on any private events or booked events on any day of any type and are subject to change.


Monday-Thursday: 5pm-11pm
Fridays: 5pm-7pm

***Venue opening hours may be extended, subject to private events. 


We are still available for private hire, so if you can’t make it to one of our Summer Sizzler evenings or if you would like to book for an upcoming event, then why not call us on 020 7833 4090 or contact us online for more information on our private hire availability.



With summer lingering just around the corner, we’ll all be walking on sunshine soon enough; and we couldn’t be happier about it. With an extra little bit of daylight slowly sneaking back into our lives, its time to start putting heads together and planning those corporate summer parties. Summertime parties are the most rewarding, pick-me-up type of perks, for employees; and your annual corporate events can help boost morale and encourage team building. Of course, this is not the only great benefit of throwing your corporate parties when the weather is fine. Read on for a few great reasons to pack those summer vibes tightly into your work schedule.

Free Venue HireVenue Availability

During the last few months of the year, we always see a sharp increase in rush bookings and sadly an even sharper increase in having to turn parties away. There’s just so little room at the Inn at Christmas. With only a few weekends of December fun leading up to the holidays, it’s becoming increasingly important to book for the holiday season months in advance. Corporate summer parties on the other hand, allow us to be much more carefree when shopping around for a party venue. Weeknight parties are also more popular, as are earlier starts; and there’s the general feeling that we simply have more time to relax into and enjoy the warmer months. Straight from work corporate parties are standard fare and indulging in some of that fantastic sizzling summer food is the perfect icing on the cake.

Guest_AvailabilityGuest Availability

Aside from venue availability and disappointment looking a lot less likely, the availability of your guests also improves during the long summer months. With so many end-of-year parties to attend, sometimes guests can be hard pushed to make an appearance at everything; but with the feel good summer events, their calendar is likely looking to be much more open to adding a few extra dates into the diary. Annual summer parties are a chance to get your guests together while we’re all feeling good; and while we all have less pressures than the ones that come with the holiday season. Plus, we all want to grab as much of the daylight hours as possible, so getting out of the house is looking like a more appealing prospect by the second.

Warm_WeatherWarm Weather Wear

One of the best things about the warm weather is the chance to root through our summer wardrobes and leave all those thick winter clothes for when the weather turns again. Chill out for the next few months with those summer vibes. Pop on some funky sunglasses, slip into your summer clothes, grab an ice cold drink and you’re good to go. No matter what your plans, top things off by enjoying a little bit of the outside world. With our Terrace Room and Terrace Garden, we bring the outside in. You can sit in the warmth of the late evening sun and still enjoy all the perks of a private hire venue. Perfecto!

Summer_MusicSummer Music

Summer is all about those feel good tunes. When we are driving, when we are working; and of course when we are partying. Entertainment is key to a great party and the huge number of tunes hitting the charts this summer is sure to get us all in the mood for a bit of dancing. Make sure your corporate summer party venue has an entertainment system to suit whatever your guests want. Live music is a hit in the summer too, so event spaces that allow for the option of bringing in live bands are a big bonus in our books. DJ, put that record on!

Summer_Corporate_HeaderCorporate Summer Parties and Cocktails

When it’s warm, we all love a cool, refreshing, summery cocktail; and this is the time of year when new flavours and trends start to work their way into our drinking glasses. Your corporate party will go down a storm with a few summertime inspired cocktails; and your guests will be asking when the next party will be. Always leave them wanting more. Don’t worry if some (or all) of your guests are on a health kick or abstaining from alcohol, we all need a little bit of a cleanse every now and then. Mocktails are the perfect alternative, with just as much taste but not as much of the hangover. Summer, we’re coming for ya!


A Whole New World of Themes

With more sunshine and more of the general buzz of summer starting to pick up, summertime themed parties are rocking up and ready to go. Turn your corporate event into a Carnival for knock-em-down fun, recreate that summer seaside scene, or hold a Luau. You can also easily incorporate loads of great team building activities into the event. That’s the beauty of summertime parties, you can add all the fun of the fair. But don’t worry for all you Game of Thrones fans out there, you can still throw a GOT inspired event, we aren’t going to stop you!

The Chapel Bar is perfectly located in Islington, just ten minutes away from King’s Cross and close to all transport links. Check out our website for more information on our venue spaces, menus and entertainment options or give our team a call on 020 7833 4090. Alternatively, pop in during our public opening hours and get a feel for the place. We are always happy to answer any questions and a member of our events team can show you around.

Free Venue Hire

Everyone needs to let their hair down and get together with friends, colleagues and family once in a while; but its not always within your means to hire out costly venue spaces and still be kind to your pocket. Well, don’t let that stop you! Free venue hire is becoming increasingly popular in and around London; and is a pocket-smart way to ensure you can have the party of your dreams, no matter your budget. Many people struggle to understand what it means to access free venue hire. So this month we are dedicated to putting you in the-know. Need free venue hire? We’ve got you covered.

The Chapel Bar Christmas Parties

Why Opt for Free Hire?

When booking a venue for a party, event or special occasion, private venue hire fees can sometimes put people off. However, there are ways to ensure that your upfront costs are drastically reduced. The most popular of these is opting to make use of free hire spaces. Free hire spaces are accessible through many private hire venues and offer you more bang for your buck. With free hire you maintain all of the usual benefits that a private hire venue offers. Free hire includes the benefit of dedicated events teams, access to entertainment, the ability to create themed spaces and catering options; not to mention the guarantee of a private space for you and your guests.

The Chapel Bar I Warmer Weather is FINALLY here. It's Party Planning Season.

How does Free Venue Hire Work?

When hiring out a space for free, other elements come into play to help ensure that the venue owners are able to cover their costs; and that you are able to access the space without the additional burden of a one-off payment. Plus, your hire space will still come with all the added benefits of paid private hire. Free hire spaces however, usually come with a pre-agreed minimum spend tariff. But don’t let that put you off. Do your research and find the space that suits your needs and that you’re happy with. You can enquire about minimum spend limits before making a booking, leaving your options open until you find the venue and budget that is right for you and your guests; and a minimum spend ensures that you and your guests have private use of the space for the entire duration of your event.

The Chapel Bar I Warmer Weather is FINALLY here. It's Party Planning Season.

Is Free Hire Right for YOU?

It is important to remember that free venue hire isn’t always right for everyone. This option won’t be suited to every type and scale of occasion. One important aspect to take into account when considering this route, is the number of guests that you are going to be entertaining. It is easy to reach a minimum spend when you’ve got the right number of guests to help you achieve this for your chosen venue. You might also want to consider the type of event you are planning; and enquire into whether catering can contribute towards the costs. Be savvy in your venue hire choices and you’ll ensure that both you and your guests go home happy.


Opening up a Bar Tab

Some event planners will opt to open up a pre-paid bar tab for their guests to access free drinks during their events; ensuring the minimum spend is met. This helps with offsetting the venue hire costs whilst keeping your guests happy with a limited – or unlimited – free bar. This is a great way for you to see directly where your budget is being spent when planning your event; and also a fab option to use as an alternative to paying for a private venue space; where more often than not, the minimum spend is already being met by your guests.


Free Hire with The Chapel Bar

The Chapel Bar offers a variety of free venue hire options and our hire spaces are equipped with tonnes of entertainment features and benefits to suit all types of party or event. We provide two dedicated event spaces; both of which include access to their own private bar and bar staff, security, audio and visual equipment, complimentary WiFi and the ability to adapt the spaces to suit your needs. Our venue is licensed until 3am, which means that you’ve got even more time to party; and our events team is out of this world.

Our dedicated staff are available to help answer any of your questions about our free hire options and hire spaces. You can browse around our website and view the venue spaces online [link], or request a tour of our venue to see the spaces for yourself. Contact us online [link] call us on 020 7833 4090 or email us We will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and help you to find the hire option that is right for you.

Free Venue Hire

There’s truly never a wrong time to get the party started; and the right time is ALL the time! A good venue is able to accommodate every party type you can conjure up in your imagination. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events and parties, baby showers, hen and stag do’s; and not to mention the odd cosplay gathering here and there. With this in mind, we are bringing you a reminder of the space, entertainment and all-round crowd-pleasing party options that we at The Chapel Bar provide to our guests.

Giving you the choice of two venue spaces, plus the option to hire out the whole venue, our private hire Bar in Islington is designed with our guests in mind. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got you covered. So take a look at our venue spaces online, or read on for a sneak peek.


Dedicated Events Team

Our events team is on hand to help plan every aspect of your celebrations. Decor, food, drinks and entertainment options are all within our remit and we love hooking you up with the right guys for the job. Nothing is too much trouble for our team and our aim is to give you the opportunity to relax, enjoy the experience and celebrate, knowing that your night and your guests are in good hands. When you’re not sure of anything, we are here to help answer all your questions. So don’t sweat it because we’ve got years of experience behind us; and it’s at your disposal should you need a little helping hand.


Saloon Bar and Dance Floor

The Heart of The Chapel Bar, The Saloon Bar is our biggest and most versatile venue space. This venue space is set up to allow for both casual and formal seating options (or a mixture of the two). Offering up two informal seating areas with super comfy leather sofas, this venue space also comes with the added bonus of a Dance Floor. Perfect for anyone wanting to carry on the party until the early hours. This space is also super popular for those late night raves. Of course, with a 3am licence our guests love the option to literally dance the night away.


Terrace Room and Terrace Garden

We just love our stunning Terrace Room and Garden. The Terrace Room can be easily adapted to suit multiple purposes and is always a big hit with our guests. The real WOW factor from this space comes with the additional use of our Terrace Garden. Heated, covered from the elements and inviting you to sit down, relax and enjoy a little bit of winding-down time. Not to mention a BBQ area for when we hit the Summer months. These two amazing spaces form one venue hire option, working together to create the perfect setting for both intimate and formal gatherings.


You Can Have it All

Not sure that you want to limit yourself to one space? Go ahead and hire the whole venue. That way your guests can mingle in the environment best suited to them. Watch the Bar staff at work in one of our two Bars, take a moment to chill out and relax in The Terrace Garden or sit and chat with friends in the Saloon Bar casual seating areas. There are plenty of hire options available; and with the ability to hire the entire venue, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The Chapel Bar holds a 3am licence for both venue spaces and each space option comes with it’s own Bar, audio equipment, television and further entertainment capabilities. Visit our website to view our separate venue spaces, capacity and entertainment options. You can also view our event menu page or simply take a browse through our gallery. Or book a tour of our venue to chat with our team and see the space for yourself. Email us call 020 7833 4090 or contact us online.



Despite the chill and the way that January has just dragged on and on, getting all cosy indoors gives everyone ample opportunity for thinking about our futures. Added to this, with Valentines day close by, the magic of romance is lingering everywhere this month. So it’s a perfect storm to get us all thinking long and hard about all the important decisions that go into planning the most romantic day of our lives. Your Wedding Day!

Your wedding is a day that you will cherish forever; and which is a physical representation of you and your serious others’ love; and the most important thing is getting it right for you. From the food to the first dance and beyond, this day is all about you and the one you love. Decisions that seemed unimportant when popping the question are suddenly much more pressing for the flourishing wedding planner. Which theme or style best suits you? For your Wedding Breakfast would you rather opt for a sit down meal with all the added luxuries, or would a buffet better provide the atmosphere you’re after? Or do you want the option of having both with more guests arriving as you move from formal to informal? Do you want live music or a bit of a dance party?

Get the wedding venue right and the rest should fall into place with a little bit less stress. So with this in mind, we are taking a closer look at what a perfect wedding venue provides; adaptability, catering capabilities and optimum partying options!


Adaptable Wedding Venue Spaces

The ideal venue can adapt to accommodate both a smaller more formal party; and as the evening progresses, a larger number of guests with a more relaxed feel. Putting all the formal seating away and opening up the space for a mixture of mingling at the bar and dancing the night away, allows you to get the best of both worlds. A good venue has the floor space and layout for plenty of dancing, especially for the first dance as a married couple. Let your hair down at the end of the night and get a little crazy on the dance floor. Maybe practice doing some of those viral dance moves that are absolutely everywhere right now. We can all learn a little something from the youngsters. If everyone is really lucky, that old uncle of yours will pull out the chicken dance moves. It’s a celebration after all.


Formal and Informal Food options

Many couples opt to invite more guests to their reception than to the full wedding celebration, so venue adaptability is crucial to accommodate the different needs for each part of your big day. The Wedding Breakfast is usually a formal affair, with seated guests. This is the opportunity for the best man and other wedding party members give their speeches – usually in the form of a good old-fashioned roasting of the Bride and Groom; and lots of tears from the new in-laws.  But later in the evening, things can become much more relaxed with an evening buffet and a proper party atmosphere. Whether you want to bring in your favourite external caterers, use the knowledge of venue staff to help organise food options, or rely on the venue management to create and serve the perfect menu; the perfect venue should be able to give you exactly what you want.


Let me Entertain You

The option between having a band, a DJ or any other form of entertainment should not be limited by the venue you have chosen. Picking the perfect venue should take into account the need for multiple entertainment options. You should be able to produce memory laden slideshows to show your guests during the speeches, provide live music AND introduce drunken karaoke towards the end of the night; and you absolutely must have a dance floor to boogie all night long! The way a venue can adapt to suit different needs at different stages of the day or night is an ultimate selling point when picking the perfect space to celebrate.

At The Chapel Bar we pride ourselves on adapting to suit the needs of all our guests; not only with our hugely adaptable venue, offering two separate venue spaces or the option to hire out the whole place; but with our fabulous staff who are always on hand to help with all your wedding and party planning needs. No matter the structure and plan for the day, our venue and events team are on hand to help at every turn. Contact us out online or email Alternatively, give us a call  on 020 7833 4090 to find out how our venue can work for you.


Staying indoors seems like a great idea at this time of year. However, there’s plenty of ways to avoid the harsh weather without restricting yourself to the house. Making sure that you have transport, warm clothes and a venue with good food and drink will make it a little easier to brave the outside world. It may be cold outside right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all still get together and enjoy some wintertime celebrations. We don’t really need a reason to get out and enjoy socialising with our friends or family. But just in case we did, here is a little reminder of some of the best wintertime parties to put a stop to our weather-induced grumbling.


Engagement Parties

Let’s be honest, how many of you have come out of the holiday season with a fiancee in tow? We have already established that Christmas is the most romantic time of the year; so I expect that if you wasn’t in a position to plan your engagement party before the holidays started, you might just be now. January and February often sees an influx of engagement party invites, so the next few months won’t be dragging with all the party planning. For those of us attending the celebrations, it’s just a case of what to wear…


Winter Weddings

Winter weddings are totally underrated. Whether they are simply themed to incorporate all the best bits of winter, or you get a real taste of wintertime magic for your big day; winter weddings bring a little bit of wonder and sparkle into our lives. Winter definitely won’t be all doom and gloom if you’ve got one of these to look forward to this year. Whether it’s your own or someone else’s, it’s bound improve your winter mood.


Post-Christmas Corporate Parties

Let’s not kid ourselves, work is on the horizon, if it hasn’t already started back up again for many of us. Why not consider getting everyone back into the swing of things with a post-Christmas corporate party. Get heads together and get those creative juices flowing, whilst treating yourself and your staff; and reminding them that they’re an important part of your company. Keep things professional with a sit down meal or take a relaxed approach and let them mingle with some buffet food and bar access. Either way, it’ll keep a smile on their faces.


A Taste of Summer

Everybody misses the sunshine and warmth when we are shivering our way between work and home. With that in mind, one of the most popular wintertime parties is in fact just the opposite. It’s a summertime party. Because we simply can’t change the weather, the only option is to throw a summer themed party. Now, let’s all imagine that we are lazing on a scorching hot beach. With a cocktail and the sun beating down on our faces. Ah, Heaven.


Themed Parties

On the subject of themed parties, summer isn’t the only popular theme this time of year. Really throwing ourselves into the season, winter themed parties are still going strong. Topping the list are the usual cocktail parties, murder mystery nights, winter wonderlands and Game of Thrones themes (which will be even more popular as the return date approaches). Of course, similarly to the summer themed parties, winter themes are by no means limited to the wintertime either. Missing what we don’t have anymore is typical and so winter themes are even popular throughout the summer. Themes are fabulous all year long.

We welcome you to book a tour at our private hire venue. It is the best way to see if our venue is the right fit for your wintertime party and our dedicated team is always on hand to answer your questions. Alternatively, you can find details on our venue hire here or call 020 7833 4090 to book your wedding reception, engagement, corporate or themed parties with us.