March welcomes many things as much as it welcomes newly emerging flowers, the lengthening of the days and the changing of the clocks. The best of which, of course, is our newfound energy for partying the ever lengthening nights away. Whatever your reason for throwing a party, make the most of this beautiful season with memories as colourful as the blossoming flowers. So this month we are giving you a few of the more popular springtime party ideas; but these are just to get you started. Whatever the occasion, there’s a party for that!

The Chapel Bar I Our Guide to Wedding Planning and Pre-Wedding Parties

Wedding Fever

Spring is coming! Subsequently, with the flowers blooming and the days becoming increasingly drawn out, it’s the perfect time of year for saying your “I Do’s”. This month therefore also welcomes the start of wedding season. Picking your dream wedding venue for your spring nuptials should be top of your list for party planning. Whether it’s for the whole wedding day or simply for a rockin’ reception party, booking to view a few venues will really help you picture how your big day will be. Not quite wedding ready yet? Let the venue be the base for all things wonderful.


Engagement Parties

Along with the wedding fever season, engagement parties are an equally awesome addition to the spring months – and with Valentines not long passed, there’s bound to be a few on the horizon for March. The perfect time for family and friends to meet or get together; for toasts to be made and sometimes even the time for the bridal party to be announced. Whether you opt for a small and intimate dinner with those closest to you, or a wild night with the whole list of potential wedding invitees, it’s bound to be a welcome addition to your spring calendar.


Let Loose while you Lose an hour

In the early hours of Sunday 29th March it’s time to turn the clocks forward an hour. But let’s be honest, we are all still enjoying our Saturday night at that point! While we all might be officially losing an hours sleep, it’s no excuse to leave the party early! Saturday nights into Sunday mornings, mean getting a little extra lay in is totally expected; so partying on as if that hour still exists is definitely the way to go. Who needs it anyway!


The ‘Because we Can’ Party

Throwing a party for absolutely no reason at all, aside from that you can. What better reason do you need for a beautiful spring party? None, zilch, zip, zero. Need we really say more?! Let’s be honest. Everyday is a good day to throw a party so why not throw one just to give yourself a little burst of energy and excitement. We are totally with you on this one!

Free Venue HireThe Chapel Bar Private Hire Venue

The Chapel Bar in Islington can host parties of any size or type; from small sit down meals to huge late night raves. Our 3am licence also means that the party can go on for longer; and our venue spaces allow for a great indoor-outdoor vibe. Our Terrace Room and Terrace Garden offers a welcome cover for the lingering evening chill, whilst letting you enjoy the feeling of relaxing into a warm spring evening. Whilst our Saloon offers a full sized Dance Floor and entertainment options to suit all of your needs. So we’ll be seeing you at The Chapel.

Free Venue Hire

Venue Benefits that Fit the Bill

Whether you are hosting a business meeting or a wedding, our stylish venue is adaptable to suit all types of party or event. Each of our dedicated event spaces can be hired on their own or – subject to availability – as the whole venue. Above all else, making your party perfect is what matters to us; and with that in mind, here’s our run down of all things Chapel.

Saloon Bar and Dance Floor:

  • Two informal seating areas
  • Fully stocked bar with craft beers, premium spirits and contemporary cocktails
  • Space for live music
  • Room for 150 standing guests or 80 seated
  • Professional sound system and audio equipment
  • 50 inch LCD screen
  • Complimentary Wifi

Terrace Bar and Garden:

  • Fully stocked bar
  • Heated and covered terrace
  • Room for 80 standing guests or 22 seated
  • Audio equipment
  • 30 inch LCD screen
  • Complimentary Wifi

To throw your party with us, whether it’s this year or next, our dedicated events team is always on hand to respond to any enquiries or even with helping to add the finishing touches on the day. Visit our website for more info, book with us online or email us info@thechapelbar.co.uk. Alternatively, get in touch via phone on 020 7833 4090. We welcome all enquiries and offer venue tours, so why not book in to come and see for yourself!


January has dragged its heels in pretty hard for most of us; but now that the five thousand days of January are finally behind us, we can concentrate on the shortest month of the year instead. AND we love February. Not only does it disappear in the blink of an eye, but it’s also jam packed to the rafters with special dates and observations, as well as a new energy to prepare ourselves for all of the special events, holidays and planning to be done this year. So February, here’s to you and the ten best things that you bring our way!


1.Blink and you’ll miss it!

With just 28 days on the average year, February feels like a bit of a breeze to get from start to finish! Even when you factor in for leap years, it’s still the shortest month of the year. Bonuses… Our salaries don’t need to last as long and it’s only four short weeks until it’s officially spring. When we start the month, we already know that the dull and dreary winter days won’t be hanging around for much longer. Welcome February and Bon Voyage. This month is so short we can put the welcome and goodbye together!


2. Observations Galore

February is the month of love, but also the month of so many fabulous observation days. Globally, February really doesn’t take many days off, with national holidays such as the random acts of kindness day in America and Independence days for Grenada, Gambia, Estonia and the Dominican Republic; plus a few others around the world. Interestingly, it’s also National Banana Bread Day in America on the 23rd and Bachelors Day on the 29th – which doesn’t come around every year. Since this year as we are in a leap year, there might not be so many bachelors left come 2021. Either way, February has got it going on.


3. February brings the Spring

Well technically, Spring starts in March. However, February sees us out of winter as the last official month of the season; and as we wave goodbye to the shortest month, we also wave in the first month of Spring. Plus, with February being so short, we know the wait won’t be too long! So while we wait for March to arrive, we can start our springtime planning. It’s so good to feel that warmer days are inching just that little bit closer.


4. There’s going to be a LOT of romance

Every February we see some of the most romantic gestures on our social media feeds; and if we are really lucky, in our own homes. But this year is extra special because this year February has an extra day. An extra day that is traditionally filled with women getting down on bended knee and proposing to love and cherish their significant other until the end of time. Whether or not the tradition continues this year, it’s still going to be a smushy, slushy February in all the best ways!


5. Pancakes!

Oh how we love Pancakes. With Nutella, with lemon juice and sugar, with ice cream, with fruit or even with more pancakes. They go with everything! And yes I do mean everything! On the 25th of the month we can all grab our frying pans and pile the pancakes up as high as we want. It’s a little bit naughty but oh so very, very nice!


6. The month of Planning has arrived!

Now that we have covered Christmas; and January is finally behind us for another year; we can concentrate on 2020 and all the exciting things that we’ve got going on. Weddings, Birthdays, Spring Cleaning even! Everything looks a little bit more exciting sunny side up! We just need to be patient now and wait for February to wave in the sunshine as it breezes past us in a flurry of excitement and romance.

Whatever you’ve got going on this month, why not take some time out to take a tour of our stylish, elegant venue. It’s the ideal place to throw a party for any event or occasion. Plus, with our dedicated and professional events planning team, planning will be as big a breeze as this month! You can check us out online, book via our website, or call us on 020 7833 4090 to take a tour and get ready to start your party planning for 2020. 


While we’ve all been loving roasting our toes by the fire through the Christmas season, it’s a brand spanking New Year and time to brush off our outdoor clothes and start afresh. For many of us, the New Year sees a return to work or whatever everyday activities we’ve been putting off over the past couple of weeks or more; and now the harsh realities of life are just lingering around the corner waiting to burst our little bubble of festive joy. However, a New Year brings new opportunities and new excitements to focus on as well as a return to the norm. Let’s make this New Year a joyous one and throw ourselves into it in style. With that in mind, this month we are dedicating our blog to some of the best ways to make this New Year spectacular.


London in the New Year

As cold and wet as January is, London is actually pretty mild throughout January compared to some other parts of the Country. Perfect for a spot of sightseeing, post-Christmas sales shopping, or even just a meander around the local area. Why not take yourself off to one of the many fantastic markets this month; and grab a bargain not seen on the high streets. There’s loads to choose from, with Chapel Market in the Centre of Islington (open Tuesdays to Sundays) and the addition of the London Farmers Market (on Sundays), which brings produce from all around London right to our doorsteps. Further afield we have Camden Market, Borough Market, Brick Lane Market, Covent Garden or even Columbia Road Flower Market. There’s just too many to list here!

If you fancy something a little bit less about shopping, then visiting some of the famous landmarks and attractions around London will keep you busy until it warms up a little. Visit London (website or app) has a great list of places that are definitely worth a visit. If it is super cold outside then opt for an indoors attractions; or grab a hot drink on your way around if you think you can handle being outside for a little while longer!


New Reasons to Celebrate

The New Year brings new reasons to celebrate and new ideas to go with them. Weddings, Engagements, birthdays and even our ability to make it through the holiday season unscathed! These are all fantastic reasons to throw a wild and whacky party. Why not start planning a party with work colleagues, friends or family and throw yourself into some serious party planning to beat away those mid-January blues. Who knows what the next year has in store for everyone, but one thing is for sure, it can all be a bit more enjoyable if you spend it with the people you care about. There’s always a reason to celebrate and a New Year means another twelve months of new reasons!


Rewind and Repeat

All the things you loved last year, you’re sure to love again this year. We suggest taking the best parts and rehashing them to make them even better. If things went wrong, this is the opportunity to change a few things up as well. Did you just love that little restaurant you visited in May? Visit it again! Did you have the time of your life at a wild Salsa party? Then get your Salsa on! New experiences rock, but the tried and tested ones are also pretty epic in our opinion. So rewind to your best bits and do it all over again like a pro!


New Year, New Skills

Every New Year comes with a set of resolutions to help give us a little direction to improve, enhance or enjoy our lives a little more. Aside from the usual, healthy eating, healthy living, exercise more, experience more; there’s loads of other things you can resolve to do that doesn’t take half as much energy. Taking a short course is a fab idea for the New Year. Learn to make a mean cocktail, take up dance classes, even learn a new language. Learning new hobbies or gaining new skills is liberating and exciting. So why not make the jump before the New Year momentum is gone. It’s also great for showing off, so go for it, you won’t be disappointed!


Enjoy Winter!

Even though most of us have to return to work in the New Year, we’ve still got the weekends to enjoy some cosy indoor time. We can dedicate a little time to ourselves; and snuggle up on those extra cold nights (or even days). Especially whilst all our cosy Christmas presents haven’t been fully exhausted yet! Whip up a nice luxurious hot chocolate, grab a nice warm blanket and a good book or film; or take a long relaxing bath with some of those Christmas bath bits you picked up throughout December. Although we love a few new experiences, you can still enjoy winter through a window when it gets really cold outside!


Throwing a party this New Year? Contact our dedicated events team for all things party. We’ve got the stylish, centrally located, adaptable private hire venue; and we’ve got the party planning experience. We can help turn your party plans into party reality. You just need to bring the wild! You can view our venue online or book a private tour by calling 020 7833 4090. Alternatively, contact us online or email info@thechapelbar.co.uk. Our team are always on hand to help!


At Christmas, the air is filled with joy and merriment; as well as a lot of shopping, eating, drinking and partying. Turning on those golden Christmas tunes and getting ever so slightly sozzled, while wrapping gifts under the tree. Eating luxurious foods; chocolates, cakes, nuts, Christmas pudding and turkey; until your belly aches. A Christmas party that lasts until the early hours and that leaves you nursing a sore but happy head the next morning. If you can drag yourself out of bed at all! We all have reasons to love the festive season. This month we are dedicating our blog to a rundown of the ways that Christmas can be made extra special and extra memorable. So be sure to make this Christmas one to remember, with memories to last a lifetime.


The Gift of Giving and Special Gifts

At Christmas time and all through the festive season, thoughtfulness is at its peak. People are hitting the shops hard or racking their brains, looking for that ‘perfect’ present. Trying to conjure up special moments for their loved ones through the gifts they give. Whilst christmas is not all about giving gifts; for many, it is one of the ways that you can show your friends and family how much they mean to you. Why not gift something extra special this year that they will treasure forever. A personalised piece of jewellery, activities based on their favourite pastimes, a romantic moment suspended in time. Everyone has something that will seriously wow them. So why not see if you can make someone smile this year with a gift they will never forget.


The Biggest and Best Christmas Party Ever

The bar is heaving, the drink is flowing, the music is banging; and of course everyone is singing along at the top of their lungs. This is undoubtedly going to be a Christmas party to remember. Welcome to the biggest and best Christmas party EVER! A Corporate Christmas, a Family Christmas or Christmas with friends. Or even better, a Christmas for absolutely everyone all at once. Get the venue booked, send out your invites, plan the party and throw a wild one for everyone to really let loose. Everyone can get on board with throwing (or joining) at least one awesome, amazing, huge Christmas party that is sure to never be forgotten.


Making Christmas Merry

A very merry Christmas will stick in your head for years to come. Whilst not recommending that anyone get TOO merry; the moments we share when we are all falling around like giggling children, will bring cheerful thoughts to keep us going until the next years festivities begin; and sometimes for years and years to come. Perhaps even eliciting an urge to recreate the most merry of moments. Did someone do something extra embarrassing at THAT Christmas party? Did someone fall asleep drunk by the punch bowl while you all decorated them with fairy lights and tinsel? Or did the big bosses break into song and dance while you all happily got your phones out and recorded the drunken moments that they are sure to want to forget by morning? Whatever eat, drink and be merry means to you, this is the time of year to do it in style.


Christmas Weddings and Christmas Engagements

The biggest, best and most memorable parties are those that bring those extra special moments that everyone can join in with; and there’s nothing quite as memorable as a huge life event to make the year magical. There’s no denying that Christmas is the season for love and romance and what better way to make it extra special than by using this time to announce an engagement, host an engagement party or even plan a heart-warming winter wedding. Not only that, but you will be able to celebrate your special moment again and again at Christmastime every year, making every year that little bit more magical.


A little Sprinkle of Magic

As we grow up, a little bit of the Christmas magic starts to dissipate. We take over the role of magic making, instead of the role of magic consuming. But there is no reason we can’t cling onto the magic of Christmas forever if we want to. Make a little extra effort to set some time aside to enjoy the festive season for yourself. Take a trip into a winter wonderland (we have a fab winter wonderland in London every year). Visit Santa. Write your own Christmas list. Let’s never grow up and instead enjoy this magical time of year with an extra little bit of childishness and joy. I’m off to throw some glitter around and make paper garlands; and so, the magic continues for another year!


For all of your Christmas Parties, Weddings, Engagement parties, Baby showers, New Years parties, Corporate events and everything in between, we’ve got the venue and the staff to help make your party planning a party reality. Making memories and throwing parties is what we do best. For Christmas 2019, New Year into 2020 and onwards. Visit us online for more information on our modern and stylish private hire venue, or contact a member of our dedicated events team on 020 7833 4090 and see how we can help make your memories magical.

AND… from everyone at The Chapel Bar, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


The Christmas party season is now hot on our heels and everyone who hasn’t already made their Christmas party plans are rushing to book and prepare for their office Christmas parties, corporate gatherings, family Christmas parties and general merry mingling with friends. Thinking about planning for your corporate Christmas or other social Christmas party shouldn’t leave you breaking out in a cold sweat. So take a look at our list of Christmas party must-haves; and make sure that your Christmas party plans keep everyone happy, including you!


Picking the Christmas Party Venue

First on your list should be making sure that you’ve got that all-important venue booking, organised and in your diary. Of course, it is important when booking your venue, that you have enough space for all of your guests; and, depending on what your plans are, space for your entertainment too. Other considerations are location, food and drink options; and ensuring that all of your guests have adequate means of travel to and from your party. Maybe even look into suitable accommodation close-by for those who don’t want to travel after a hard night of drinking and dancing.

The Chapel Bar offers a multitude of options for seated meals and casual partying. We offer two floors of venue space, with the added option of hiring both together if required; and professional entertainment equipment to help get the party started. Not to mention our location in Islington being easily accessible and close to local transport links.

The Chapel Bar Christmas Parties

All the Fun of the Theme

It isn’t too hard to find a world of thematic wonders at your fingertips online; and therefore with enough planning, you can create a winter wonderland to get your guests gasping in awe. For some of the best theme ideas, you can look at our previous blogs, a few of which we have included links for here:

Some of these themes are focused on Christmas and some are suitable all year round. Pick a theme and run with it; and if all else fails, let your imagination run wild! In other words, after a few drinks, nobody will realise (or care) if you accidentally mix a few themes into one. Move over focus and organisation, let the eclectic party have its day!

Free Venue Hire

Who Goes There? Guest List Considerations.

Guest lists are usually pretty simple when it’s a corporate Christmas party or family event; but the list won’t be rigid right up to the end, as new guests are added and some of those invited may not be able to make it. It’s a good idea, whenever possible, to leave room for a little flexibility in your numbers. It’s always best to have a rough idea of how many guests you will be inviting, before booking your venue. But once you’ve got the rough numbers, you’ll need to send out those invites and collect the streams of RSVP’s that’ll come flooding through your door. Or perhaps via your inbox… Then it’s time to take stock and edit the list as and when needed. But being Christmas, we can’t see many people turning down the chance of a good party!

The Chapel Bar I Christmas Parties

Entertaining the Masses

Your entertainment options may well be dictated by your party theme; and some of the blogs provided previously (in party themes) are a form of entertainment in themselves. Fancy a dance party of epic proportions? Then the entertainment comes as standard. Above all else, it is important to keep your guests entertained and not yawning into their drinks glasses all night. Whether that be with some wondrous all singing, all dancing, magical affair, or with a little lighter party fun; it’s all going to keep things moving along and create a talking point for your guests to break the ice and get them mingling in merriment.

The Chapel Bar I Warmer Weather is FINALLY here. It's Party Planning Season.

Filling Up… On the Best Food and Drink!

Whether you’re planning a sit down formal affair, or a help-yourself buffet-style evening, it’s always a good idea to take a look at the menu options for your chosen venue in advance so you can select the best packages to suit your Christmas party. But food isn’t the only thing on the menu! At the Chapel Bar, our choice of Christmas party packages are priced per person and include either formal seated dining or buffet dining options, complimentary drinks, entertainment, food and even coat checking. Take a look at our Christmas 2019 brochure and find a festive package to suit your event size and budget!

The Chapel Bar in Islington provides a wide range of festive dining packages, entertainment options, security, a late licence until 3am and a dedicated events team who can help set up everything you need to make sure your party goes to plan. Take a look at our Christmas Party Venue page and our festive package brochure for Christmas 2019. Alternatively, to book or to talk to a member of our team, call 020 7833 4090, book online or email info@thechapelbar.co.uk.


There is so much to enjoy about Christmas and all that comes with it. Christmas parties. Christmas presents. The never-ending playing of christmas songs on the radio and in the shops. Whatever brings you happiness at Christmastime, we will see it all begin to saturate our lives from here on out. But we say, bring it on! What’s not to love? Christmas may come but once a year, but it comes with a big fanfare; and it’s starting now!


The Soundtrack to Christmas

Let it snow! Jingle Bells! Ding dong merrily on High! We love a Christmas tune and come October and November, we can rest assured that we’ll be hearing them everywhere. In the car, in the shops and even at home. Especially at home for those extra christmassy people out there. As well as this years’ new releases, there’s bound to be quite a few of the iconic songs from the past two decades making a Christmas comeback. Plus a load of really traditional ones to sing along to. Of course, there’s nothing better to help us get into that festive mood than a good old Christmas jingle. So prepare to get your Christmas parties into full swing this year with a playlist of all your faves’ and you’ll have everyone rockin’ their way around the Christmas Tree in no time!


Mulled Wine, Mulled Anything! Mulled EVERYTHING!

What a treasure a warming mulled wine can be on a bitingly cold day. But there’s much more we can add that Christmassy spice to in order to create an intense warming effect when it’s just that little bit too chilly to be outside. Mulled wine, mulled cider, mulled cocktails. Everything is better at christmas with a little bit of extra warmth and flavour. We’ve got a fab mulled cocktail recipe for you and it’s super easy to follow. Plus it’s just as easy to mix things up yourself at home by trying out different spirits and juices so you don’t get bored. After all, winter lasts a little too long sometimes.

1 Cinnamon Stick

3 Cloves

1 Star Anise

3 Clementines

300ml Pure Smooth Orange Juice

600ml Cranberry Juice

150ml Vodka

150ml Cointreau

Firstly, start by warming the Cranberry Juice, Orange Juice and Clementines together for a few minutes over a low heat. After warming through, sieve into a clean saucepan before added the rest of your ingredients. Finally, warm through slowly until just simmering; and Voila! Of course, you can make this in bigger batches too. Simply multiply the full recipe as needed. Party punch, here we come!


Decking the Halls!

It may be a little way off yet before we start putting up our own Christmas decorations and organising the theme/decor for our Christmas Parties. However, we all like to have a little browse around the shops beforehand. Picking up a few baubles here and there, or planning which Christmas lights will look best hung around our tree. The shops are filling up with little Christmas trinkets to catch our attention; and the attention of our little ones. It’s time to start prepping and planning for a magical, wonderful Christmas and we all love it! This is, after all, the time of year when a little glitter and a lot of sparkle is absolutely essential!


Spreading the Seasonal Cheer

Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! These little nods to the festive season are just around the corner and as we get ever closer to the big day, there’s a few extra smiles being passed around too. Whilst some of the Christmas spirit can disappear with the stresses of the holidays, shopping and party planning; the benefits of giving out those little Christmas greetings can help us all feel a little warmer inside. However, in the interest of saving paper, why not forego the usual greetings cards this year and give the money you would spend on those to a worthy cause instead; and spread your Christmas Cheer the good old fashioned way, by word-of-mouth!


It’s Cold Outside!

It’s not so much the cold that we like, it’s more the coming back inside to the warmth of a crackling fire, the blast of our central heating systems or our super cosy, fluffy duvets. It makes me feel all toasty-warm just thinking about it. So whilst we may all wish for a little bit of the white stuff this year and maybe even dream of snow on Christmas Day; we will still all be looking forward to snuggling up with all manner of fluffy goods when we get to enjoy our well-earned breaks. It’s the best luxury we have, so why not start enjoying it as soon as the chill starts creeping in. I’ve had my heating on a few times this year already and my dressing gown and slippers have made quite the appearance too!

For all your Christmas party needs. Corporate Christmas parties, Christmas Weddings, Family Christmas Parties. Why not book a tour of our beautiful, elegant venue and see how we can help make your Christmas extra special this year. We are now taking bookings for Christmas 2019 and beyond. Call our team on 020 7833 4090 0r contact us online. Christmas made simple, Christmas made Magical!


Whether you have found the ideal venue for your annual corporate Christmas party; or even if you’re still on the lookout; it’s once again time to put your thinking caps on and start planning for the party season to beat all others. Dream up a few of those absolutely Cracking Corporate Christmas party ideas this month and start getting yourself and your team corporate Christmas party ready.

Corporate christmas parties take planning and it’s not only about the party theme, but also about what your team can do to get involved; and starting to feel that Christmas party vibe. Getting everyone into the festive mood early will keep everyone buzzing until they get to relax into their well-earned Christmas break. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at how to get everyone involved in your corporate Christmas party 2019!


Menu Options to Make your Mouth Water

Getting your corporate Christmas party menu ready and sent out is an absolute must. This is probably even best provided at the same time as sending out the invites. This way people can make their decisions on attendance and food options with plenty of time to spare. This is also a great time to check for any specific food related requirements and discuss these with your caterers. Catering can be done by the venue itself or, in some cases,  provided by an outside catering company. Don’t forget to offer plenty of vegetarian, vegan and healthy options; as well as ensuring there is the ability to include variations on a good range of menu items; so that much of the full menu is adaptable for those with more specific dietary needs.


The Gift of Giving

Prepping for the Christmas party season can often mean organising a secret santa or other means of getting everyone into the festive mood through gift giving. However, why not try something a little different for your corporate Christmas party this year. A great idea is to create a lucky-dip Santa’s sack, with guests bidding on various ‘mystery’ gifts; and then using the process from this to support a charity close to the hearts of those in your business. Gift giving comes in all different forms. So why not put your heads together and come up with a few variations on this years Christmas gifting approach; and then get everyone to vote for their favourite.


Crafty Corporate Christmas Parties

Go Old-School and get your team feeling Christmassy with a little trip down memory lane; and straight into the fun-filled Christmas parties of their childhoods. Creating Christmas party decorations is a great way to really feel that festive spirit. Turn your staff break space into a fantastical Christmas craft fair. You provide the crafts and they provide the inspirational decor. Paper chains, pom-poms, create-your-own crackers and a copious amount of tinsel and glitter. Everyone will love bringing the crafts of their youth into the workplace. Provide a little bit of Christmas party music and it’s a winner. We can’t promise however that you won’t have any trouble getting everyone back to their desks afterwards.


ALL The Options

The best way to get your team Christmas party ready is to ensure they are going to enjoy the night and everything that it brings to the table. Why not give everyone the chance to have their say on every aspect, from the venue choice, right down to the smaller details. Creating online polls is an easy way to get everyone to not only select from a pre-conceived list of ideas, but also to throw in their own additional options for everyone to vote on. Theme, menu style, activities. Put it all up for discussion and get everyone invested in making this the best corporate Christmas party yet!

Corporate christmas parties are a great way to boost morale for your team, so getting everyone involved in the early stages will keep the excitement at the forefront of their minds; and hopefully give everyone a little boost of festive cheer during the lead up to the big event. Christmas is the biggest party season after all; and corporate Christmas parties at The Chapel Bar will have you rocking around the Christmas tree in no time!

We are taking bookings for The Chapel Bar from now until December – as well as into the new year 2020. To get your booking in or to get the run down on how we can help bring the festivities to your corporate Christmas, contact us online or call us on 020 7833 4090. Christmas. Covered!


Heat, heat, heat. We just can’t get our fill of it in England; and despite the recent heatwave-to-beat-all-heatwaves, we all still yearn for more summer sun to come. So what corporate party ideas go with a swelteringly hot summer day? Too many! If your corporate party agenda is looking bleak and in need of a boost, then look no further because this month we are styling our blog on spicing up those corporate affairs. Summer party ideas for this year, next year or now! So whether you’re booking in advance or looking for a last minute knees-up, we’ve got something for everyone.


Corporate Party, Cocktail Party

Refreshing, cooling cocktails, expertly blended to give you a taste of summer. Not to mention the cheeky names of all the faves. These corporate parties always go down an absolute treat. Try a few of the fruity ones and a few of the classics and open your tastebuds up to a whole new world of wonders. This tops our list for a super smooth and super cooling summer party; and because the bartenders do all the mixing work for you, there’s no forward prep needed. Decor is optional; the only requirement is the guests!


Carnivals and Funfairs

Those summer funfairs always draw in the crowds, so why not draw your very own crowd and create a corporate carnival party. You can take a truly British approach with the old fashioned Coconut shy, Hook-a-duck and Tin Can Alley; or create a more tropical twist with your very own homage to the annual Rio de Janeiro carnival (or any carnival that takes your fancy). Exotic outfits at the ready!


Picnic Party

Bring back those lazy summer days and take a walk down memory lane with an indoor-outdoor picnic. Pick a venue that suits and one where you can sit and relax both inside and out. You can supply the picnic blankets or guests can bring their own. Opt for some gingham decor and picnic style foods to recreate the picnics of your childhood; and if you’re looking for a family-friendly corporate party then this one is sure to be a winner with everyone.


The Swinging 60’s/70’s

Platform heels, flower power, swirly psychedelic patterns and The Beatles. The swinging sixties never really go out of fashion! Get into a nostalgic mood and party, hedonistic-style, with some of that summer-loving grooviness. By the end of the night your guests will all have flowers in their hair and be singing along to Yellow Submarine at the tops of their voices. Bring back the sixties, baby!


When Summer Ends, Fun Doesn’t!

When we wave a heavy-hearted goodbye to the last hot days, all is not lost. There’s plenty more to plan for the coming year, but that’s for another blog! Book up your corporate calendar for the year and give your team a few special little treats to look forward to. The Chapel Bar is currently taking bookings for Summer, Autumn, Winter 2019 and beyond!

To spice up your own corporate calendar, call to chat with one of our dedicated events team on 020 7833 4090 or contact us online. Our team are experts in party planning and experts in spicing things up! Our modern and stylish venue offers two floors of event spaces, including a heated and covered terrace to add a little bit of the outdoors to your summer affairs. 



Now Booking! Corporate Christmas 2019!

The Chapel Bar is now also taking bookings for Christmas and New Year 2019. As far away as Christmas may seem, now is the time to nail down those holiday plans! Get your Corporate Christmas Party bookings in early and avoid disappointment by calling us on 020 7833 4090 or contacting us online.




When it’s time for your annual corporate summer parties, it’s best to think about how you can help to boost team morale and enhance the office mood; allowing your team to become refreshed, reinvigorated and relaxed. All of this can be achieved with the perfect amount of party planning and a team boosting approach to your annual corporate shindigs. This year we are all set to turn the heat up with some fun summer days, fit for everyone. Don’t let the summer waste away without throwing in some much needed down time for your team; and don’t limit yourself to just one core activity. Mixing more than one type of event will ensure that your team get’s to enjoy the highs of their companies success, with the perfect blend of mood boosting fun and chill-out time.

Corporate summer parties don’t always have to be about team building, although this is always a popular choice. So let’s expand our corporate summer party horizons and look at some of the best summer party themes and events that will help bring your annual corporate party into the sizzling season with a big, loud bang.


Super Sizzling Corporate Summer Parties

Summer parties ALWAYS brings to mind this sizzling corporate summer party idea. In fact, topping the list of any corporate event is food; and summer just calls out for a good old-fashioned, barbecue bonanza. Don’t forget to cater for everyone with plenty of grilled veggies, an array of vegetarian options and masses of mouthwatering meats. Corporate summer parties are way hotter with a little bit of that barbecue heat, so sizzle away!


Bringing the Beach

If the beach is just a little bit too far from your doorstep, then why not bring the beach to you for your corporate summer event in London. Corporate summer party themes are plentiful, but this one really screams out SUMMERTIME. The traditional British summertime party brings to mind ice creams, deck chairs, Punch and Judy shows; and this is definitely one of the popular choices for your annual summer party theme. But if you want to mix things up a bit then look no further. You can create a Hawaian summer luau, complete with grass skirts, flower necklaces and a limbo pole; or an under-the-sea theme for your corporate event, incorporating shell or sand art into your team building games.


Family Fun Day

Corporate summer parties can of course fall on a weekend, but even if they don’t, it’s summer so this one is always a winner. Any day of the week. Create the perfect blend of work, rest and play, with a fun-filled family day. Mix things up with a barbecue and a beach themed party; and continue with an awards evening or team building event that lets everyone be a part of the action. Family fun days let your staff show off their achievements, both private and professional. The whole day can work around the inclusion of family. Alternatively, if you want to include some adult-only time, then set a time when the event will be turning into an official family-free zone. Whichever approach works for your company, will work for your team.


Team Olympics

Team building activities are still always going to be a winner for any summer corporate party; and talking of winning, why not spice things up with a little competition. Teams can compete with one another for prizes, or simply for the thrill and power of winning. Games can be light-hearted and fun, set up to make everyone giggle their way through the silly activities; or strategic and complex. Most importantly, they should be suitable for everyone. Mix this activity with some summertime cocktails and an after-party fit to celebrate the reigning champions and you’re onto a winner


Awards Evenings

Show your team what they mean to you with an awards evening that helps everyone to sparkle like the stars they are. The key with this is not to limit the guest list to just your office; but to bring in the big bosses or family and friends, to really help boost team morale. We all love a bit of recognition for all of our hard work and this is a great way to show your staff that they are appreciated and that their efforts don’t go unnoticed. Throw in a few funny awards – and props for the winners to wear – and you’ll keep everyone entertained… and the Best Beard award goes to…


Social Networking

Do you work with other companies? Do you collaborate with other offices to achieve your companies’ goals? If you do then there is nothing to stop you collaborating on ‘project corporate summer party’ with them too. Team members can mingle and socialise with the people they work with every day, even if their work never brings them into the same room. Putting names to faces is great to enhance and tighten those relationships; and even to create new ones. Again, this event can include loads of fun activities, an abundance of food, competitions and of course, drinks. Mix things up a little while mixing things up a lot.

For a corporate summer party to be envious of, look no further. The Chapel Bar is stylish, adaptable and has space for everyone; and our events team provides advice and support from your initial contact, up to and beyond your event. Summer starts now and Corporate Summer Parties start at The Chapel Bar. Drop us a line on 020 7833 4090 to chat with a member of our team or contact us online and see how we can help get your summer party sizzling.


Now Booking for Christmas 2019

The Chapel Bar is now taking bookings for Christmas and New Year 2019. Beat the rush and book your place for this year’s big finale. Corporate summer parties, birthdays, engagements, weddings and Christmas! Any Event. Any Style. Any Theme. It’s all happening at The Chapel Bar.


Our private hire venue in London has seen some breathtaking birthday parties over the years, from the beautiful, to the bizarre; and a whole load of everything else in between! As a result, this month we are committed to bringing you five of the best birthday party trends for 2019; along with five of our  glowing private hire venue birthday party reviews from our awesome guests. But you don’t need to stick to our list for inspiration. Above all else, it’s important to go with what you love. You can incorporate anything into a birthday party theme.


Music Genre Themed Birthday Parties

We love music and we love a party, but there is one thing we love more. Music and a party! Get yourself revved up for a rave, relax into an evening of R&B or rock out to your favourite band; we’ve hosted a bit of everything. This birthday party theme is limited only by your love of all things music. Turn the entertainment up a notch with a live band, a DJ or even both; and you’ll have a party that nobody will want to leave. Luckily, London has you covered with plenty of late licence venues; and our private hire venue is open till 3am, so you can party until your feet hurt. Rock on!

“From my initial email contact to everything on the night of the party, this was an excellent experience. The evening ran like clockwork and the bar and door staff were very friendly. Highly recommend.” – Jane, Tripadvisor.


‘Big Childrens Birthday’ Birthday Parties

Sometimes it seems like it was only yesterday when we were all running around acting like we didn’t have a care in the world. Which is probably why the children’s birthday party theme is always near the top of the list for adult birthday parties. Back to basics party food, like ice cream and jelly are great to really help us feel that nostalgia; and bigger, better, sillier party games never go out of fashion. Giant Jenga, Connect 4 and Chess like to make an appearance. Of course, we like to put an adult spin on things and up the ante with some birthday game challenges and forfeits. Well, why not?!

“I had my 40th birthday at the Chapel Bar, it was a night to remember for all the right reasons. Staff are highly professional, ask all the right questions from the outset so the evening ran seamlessly. Great location, great value, I would highly recommend!! I wish I could do it all over again :-)” – Hannah, Google Business.


The ‘Sporting Stars’ Birthday Parties

This birthday party is perfect for sports fans of all shapes and sizes. Whether your birthday party theme is aimed at the hardcore football fans, tennis stars throughout the ages or a true baseball bonanza, this one is for you. Encourage all things fandom with sporting decorations to match, or simply  let your guests show off their own favourite sports stars with an open ended sports theme dress code. We love a ‘through the ages’ sporting greats party. Whichever way you go, this party will give you and your guests a great night and have everyone talking.

“A quality service. All my guests commented positively on the venue, the friendly staff and the food. Everyone had a great time. A professional establishment before, during and after my event.” – Alan, Google Business.


Glitz and Glamour Birthday Parties

London is known for it’s nightlife and what better way to enjoy it than with a bit of glamour? Black tie, cocktail dresses, the works. You could even add an element of mystery by throwing an epic masquerade ball. Probably the most enduring of all party themes, but who doesn’t love a bit of glam. Incorporate sequins and glitter and certainly everything that twinkles. Add a luxurious dinner menu and the sparkle of champagne and your evening will be complete.

“I had my birthday party at The Chapel Bar and it was definitely the best party I’ve ever had. The venue was perfect , the bar area is lovely and the dancefloor is brilliant… I would highly recommend the venue for parties and lots of my friends were also really impressed . I loved it !”Helen, Tripadvisor.


The Heroes and Villains Birthday Parties

Another party theme where guests can choose to embody current or historical figures and which will get everyone into the swing of things. Talking of swinging, Spiderman will most likely make multiple appearances. As one of the Marvel superhero greats, you won’t see anyone complaining. This birthday party theme is by no means limited to comic book heroes and villains, rather, you can choose to take inspiration from anywhere. Heroes and Villains is truly one of the all time fave party themes for all ages and all personalities.

“Overall – I give this place 5 star + on service, professionalism, and location…so highly recommended if you are looking to host an event and want quality service from start to end!” – Royston, Google Business.

Most importantly, remember that the birthday party theme needs to suit the individual, so think about what will make them happy and run with it. Unicorns, Football fanatics, Disco Divas, all things American or a good old fashioned casual knees up; create the perfect party so that they can have the night of their lives. Finally, birthday party ideas can become birthday party successes with just a little forward planning. So get planning for the best parties London has seen.

Our private hire venue in London holds a late licence and suits all types of birthday parties. Adaptability, space management and party planning expertise is key, so if you’re looking for help with your party planning, just ask a member of our team; because we know how to throw the biggest and the best parties. Call us on 020 7833 4090 or email info@thechapelbar.co.uk or visit us online.

Christmas Bookings 2019

The Chapel Bar is also taking booking for Christmas 2019 and we recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment. Call us on 020 7833 4090 to speak to our team about booking your place for this year. Birthday Parties, Christmas Parties, Corporate Events, we’ve got it covered.