Christmas Party Must-Haves: Party Season is Coming to Town


Christmas Party Must-Haves: Party Season is Coming to Town

The Christmas party season is now hot on our heels and everyone who hasn’t already made their Christmas party plans are rushing to book and prepare for their office Christmas parties, corporate gatherings, family Christmas parties and general merry mingling with friends. Thinking about planning for your corporate Christmas or other social Christmas party shouldn’t leave you breaking out in a cold sweat. So take a look at our list of Christmas party must-haves; and make sure that your Christmas party plans keep everyone happy, including you!


Picking the Christmas Party Venue

First on your list should be making sure that you’ve got that all-important venue booking, organised and in your diary. Of course, it is important when booking your venue, that you have enough space for all of your guests; and, depending on what your plans are, space for your entertainment too. Other considerations are location, food and drink options; and ensuring that all of your guests have adequate means of travel to and from your party. Maybe even look into suitable accommodation close-by for those who don’t want to travel after a hard night of drinking and dancing.

The Chapel Bar offers a multitude of options for seated meals and casual partying. We offer two floors of venue space, with the added option of hiring both together if required; and professional entertainment equipment to help get the party started. Not to mention our location in Islington being easily accessible and close to local transport links.

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All the Fun of the Theme

It isn’t too hard to find a world of thematic wonders at your fingertips online; and therefore with enough planning, you can create a winter wonderland to get your guests gasping in awe. For some of the best theme ideas, you can look at our previous blogs, a few of which we have included links for here:

Some of these themes are focused on Christmas and some are suitable all year round. Pick a theme and run with it; and if all else fails, let your imagination run wild! In other words, after a few drinks, nobody will realise (or care) if you accidentally mix a few themes into one. Move over focus and organisation, let the eclectic party have its day!

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Who Goes There? Guest List Considerations.

Guest lists are usually pretty simple when it’s a corporate Christmas party or family event; but the list won’t be rigid right up to the end, as new guests are added and some of those invited may not be able to make it. It’s a good idea, whenever possible, to leave room for a little flexibility in your numbers. It’s always best to have a rough idea of how many guests you will be inviting, before booking your venue. But once you’ve got the rough numbers, you’ll need to send out those invites and collect the streams of RSVP’s that’ll come flooding through your door. Or perhaps via your inbox… Then it’s time to take stock and edit the list as and when needed. But being Christmas, we can’t see many people turning down the chance of a good party!

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Entertaining the Masses

Your entertainment options may well be dictated by your party theme; and some of the blogs provided previously (in party themes) are a form of entertainment in themselves. Fancy a dance party of epic proportions? Then the entertainment comes as standard. Above all else, it is important to keep your guests entertained and not yawning into their drinks glasses all night. Whether that be with some wondrous all singing, all dancing, magical affair, or with a little lighter party fun; it’s all going to keep things moving along and create a talking point for your guests to break the ice and get them mingling in merriment.

The Chapel Bar I Warmer Weather is FINALLY here. It's Party Planning Season.

Filling Up… On the Best Food and Drink!

Whether you’re planning a sit down formal affair, or a help-yourself buffet-style evening, it’s always a good idea to take a look at the menu options for your chosen venue in advance so you can select the best packages to suit your Christmas party. But food isn’t the only thing on the menu! At the Chapel Bar, our choice of Christmas party packages are priced per person and include either formal seated dining or buffet dining options, complimentary drinks, entertainment, food and even coat checking. Take a look at our Christmas 2019 brochure and find a festive package to suit your event size and budget!

The Chapel Bar in Islington provides a wide range of festive dining packages, entertainment options, security, a late licence until 3am and a dedicated events team who can help set up everything you need to make sure your party goes to plan. Take a look at our Christmas Party Venue page and our festive package brochure for Christmas 2019. Alternatively, to book or to talk to a member of our team, call 020 7833 4090, book online or email

Our reviews

What a great night. Everything went brill! Your staff were superb. Completely unobtrusive but they managed to be very attentive at the same time. The food was great and the drinks flowed. Having the license for the balcony until 1 am was amazing. Everyone commented on what a great venue we had chosen so I can't recommend it is highly enough. Once again, many, many thanks.

Cheryl Walton

Great Success. Very helpful staff, very friendly security (this isn't very common) and everyone was really accommodating. I would highly recommend.

Chris Topper

We had our Wedding Reception at the Chapel Bar; what a fantastic night. The food was absolutely delicious with plenty for everyone, the bar and door staff were absolutely wonderful and the venue brilliant. We have received loads of excellent feedback about the venue, food and staff. Thank you so much for making our night such a memorable experience.

Mary & Allan Stewart

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