Corporate Parties with a Twist: 6 More Party Ideas to make your Corporate Event Go Off with a Bang

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Corporate Parties with a Twist: 6 More Party Ideas to make your Corporate Event Go Off with a Bang

September is here and the weather has already made a sharp U-turn from the massive heatwave we was all enjoying a couple of weeks ago. We might get the odd sunny day this month, or maybe even a few in a row if we are really lucky, but overall we have already started to see a bit of a chill creeping in. The best thing about this month though, is that even though the days are shortening, the nights are getting longer. That’s more time to party! I bet that now it doesn’t seem like Christmas and the festive season is quite so far away either! So with that in mind, let’s consider some of the corporate party ideas that will help keep us going until the holiday fun starts; and of course while we wait for another summer to arrive and then zoom right past us.

Following on from our Corporate and Corporate Christmas parties blog last month, we’ve got a few extra special ideas for you this coming month. When it comes to planning your corporate parties, lets make sure it all goes off with a bang, or maybe with a click!


Capture the Moment the Right Way

When the drinks are flowing, the camera phones inevitably come out and everyone is (unexpectedly or expectedly) snapped in some pretty unflattering photos. Selfies don’t seem to be disappearing from our lives so let’s embrace them in style. One of the biggest party crazes around involves a whole lot of selfies and an even bigger lot of silliness. We are talking about Photo Booths. Wow, these have evolved a LOT. I remember when the only photo booth that existed was the one where you went for your passport photos, which produced the most epically unflattering photos. However, the past few years has seen them rise through the ranks, into hubs of entertainment and laughter. You can hire professional, manned booths or create a DIY selfie space for an evening of crazy party fun. If the professional booths don’t appeal to you, then making your own is easy; with a dedicated photography area, a camera, a list of easy-to-follow instructions and a bunch of silly props. Ever wanted to see your bosses in feather boas and a pink wigs? Well now you can!


Return to your Student Days

Students shouldn’t have all the fun when it comes to partying the night away. This party night is all about the drinking games; and there are loads of them to choose from. Top of the list? Beer Pong of course! But there’s plenty of others that are becoming super popular. If you’ve ever wanted to know the deepest darkest secrets of the people you work with, then instigate a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’. You’ll be sure to get a shock or two. Not to mention plenty of juicy information to keep in the memory banks. For what? Don’t ask me, I’m innocent in all of this. There’s also the hilariously funny – and even funnier after a few round and a few instructed drinks – drinking Jenga. The game will fall into disarray pretty quickly, but that’s to be fully expected and adds to the hilarity. So, whether you’re missing the good old days of student parties and silly drinking games, or even if you’ve never experienced University life for yourself, this one will have us all envying the future generations. That is, until the next morning when the hangover hits. Hair of the dog doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Of course, it will still be worth it for a little trip into the stereotypical student life. Even while we are nursing a sore head and bemoaning ‘never again’ from under our duvets, we will know that we can still party with the best of them.


National Day Parties

There are around 1500 national days that are celebrated around the globe; whether they are official or entirely made up is another matter. Whilst most of them don’t come with the added bonus of a public holiday (how would we ever fit that many holidays into one year?!) there are still a few that are worth a little nod and that we can all get into the spirit of. There’s something to tickle everyone’s fancy if you look hard enough; and whatever day you have your corporate party booked for, there’s sure to be a national day to share it with. September has some especially fun ones to celebrate, with National Beer Lovers day falling on the 7th and National Drink Beer Day on the the 28th. National Punch Day is celebrated on the 20th. This can be taken a couple of ways but we prefer to take Punch as meaning the drinking variety! This day also has the added bonus of being National Pepperoni Pizza Day, so thats a win-win situation for the peckish punch-drunk party goers. But if none of these take your fancy then make up your own obscure national holiday and celebrate it in epic fashion. Or pick another day that already exists and celebrate it whenever you want. Who’s really going to know anyway?!


Fictional Themed Parties

Themed parties are still super popular and they can be as obscure as you like; the crazier the better I say! Popular ones that have been around a while now are Alice in Wonderland, in particular The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Back To School Parties, Beach Parties and Princess themed parties. Kid’s party themes are now the territory of the adults and we are loving it! But if the child-like themes aren’t for you then you can go with an adult theme instead. You can opt for a Game of Thrones Party or a Bond Themed event, or pick any film to work with that suits your team. Themes in general are popular right now. Whichever way you decide to go, you’ll need to make sure everything fits the theme. From decor to food choices, it’s all about setting the scene and transporting your guests into a fantastical, make-believe world.


Entertain, Entertain, Entertain

Last month we considered some of the options for party entertainment aimed at getting everyone involved. This month we are all about sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the show. Bring excitement and amazement to your corporate party with Fire-Eaters, Burlesque dancers, Magicians and Circus Acts. Bringing in live entertainment will keep everyone hooked and you can spread the fun out throughout the night. Live music from local bands and ultra skilled street performers can bring something a little bit unique to your event. Alternatively, you can pull out the big guns and make your evening an all singing, all dancing endless array of professional performances. Whichever way you go, keeping your guests entertained and awed is the top priority for this event.


Cocktail Parties with the WOW Factor

Cocktails and a show or cocktails WITH a show. Ever seen a drink that smokes? What about a Neon drink that smokes and glows? This is a cocktail party with a twist! Dim the lights. All the way down. Now bring in your Mixologists and let the show commence! WOW factor cocktail parties really are an amazing sight to behold. The drinks capture your imagination, as does the atmosphere. The best thing about this though, is that after you’ve been up close and personal with your drink being mixed right in front of you, you get to drink it too. Leave this one to the professionals though! You’ll be glad you did.

Whatever twisted party idea suits you, booking your corporate party couldn’t be easier. The Chapel Bar has two adaptable party spaces and a team of dedicated staff on hand to help with all aspects of your event. Your party is our priority. Call us now on 020 78334090 for an informal chat, to book our venue or to plan a tour. Alternatively you can email us at

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