February has arrived! Six Sensational Things we Love about this Month


February has arrived! Six Sensational Things we Love about this Month

January has dragged its heels in pretty hard for most of us; but now that the five thousand days of January are finally behind us, we can concentrate on the shortest month of the year instead. AND we love February. Not only does it disappear in the blink of an eye, but it’s also jam packed to the rafters with special dates and observations, as well as a new energy to prepare ourselves for all of the special events, holidays and planning to be done this year. So February, here’s to you and the ten best things that you bring our way!


1.Blink and you’ll miss it!

With just 28 days on the average year, February feels like a bit of a breeze to get from start to finish! Even when you factor in for leap years, it’s still the shortest month of the year. Bonuses… Our salaries don’t need to last as long and it’s only four short weeks until it’s officially spring. When we start the month, we already know that the dull and dreary winter days won’t be hanging around for much longer. Welcome February and Bon Voyage. This month is so short we can put the welcome and goodbye together!


2. Observations Galore

February is the month of love, but also the month of so many fabulous observation days. Globally, February really doesn’t take many days off, with national holidays such as the random acts of kindness day in America and Independence days for Grenada, Gambia, Estonia and the Dominican Republic; plus a few others around the world. Interestingly, it’s also National Banana Bread Day in America on the 23rd and Bachelors Day on the 29th – which doesn’t come around every year. Since this year as we are in a leap year, there might not be so many bachelors left come 2021. Either way, February has got it going on.


3. February brings the Spring

Well technically, Spring starts in March. However, February sees us out of winter as the last official month of the season; and as we wave goodbye to the shortest month, we also wave in the first month of Spring. Plus, with February being so short, we know the wait won’t be too long! So while we wait for March to arrive, we can start our springtime planning. It’s so good to feel that warmer days are inching just that little bit closer.


4. There’s going to be a LOT of romance

Every February we see some of the most romantic gestures on our social media feeds; and if we are really lucky, in our own homes. But this year is extra special because this year February has an extra day. An extra day that is traditionally filled with women getting down on bended knee and proposing to love and cherish their significant other until the end of time. Whether or not the tradition continues this year, it’s still going to be a smushy, slushy February in all the best ways!


5. Pancakes!

Oh how we love Pancakes. With Nutella, with lemon juice and sugar, with ice cream, with fruit or even with more pancakes. They go with everything! And yes I do mean everything! On the 25th of the month we can all grab our frying pans and pile the pancakes up as high as we want. It’s a little bit naughty but oh so very, very nice!


6. The month of Planning has arrived!

Now that we have covered Christmas; and January is finally behind us for another year; we can concentrate on 2020 and all the exciting things that we’ve got going on. Weddings, Birthdays, Spring Cleaning even! Everything looks a little bit more exciting sunny side up! We just need to be patient now and wait for February to wave in the sunshine as it breezes past us in a flurry of excitement and romance.

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We had our Wedding Reception at the Chapel Bar; what a fantastic night. The food was absolutely delicious with plenty for everyone, the bar and door staff were absolutely wonderful and the venue brilliant. We have received loads of excellent feedback about the venue, food and staff. Thank you so much for making our night such a memorable experience.

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