I’m Dreaming of an Extra Special Christmas – 5 Gifts that Keep on Giving

The Chapel Bar I I'm Dreaming of an Extra Special Christmas - 5 Gifts that Keep on Giving

I’m Dreaming of an Extra Special Christmas – 5 Gifts that Keep on Giving

Christmas time is finally here and it’s time to think about putting all our hard work and planning into action. Decorations are going up (if they haven’t already), dinner is being planned, gifts are being wrapped and the RSVP’s are flying in for those holiday parties. If you haven’t got as far as planning and wrapping your gifts yet, then don’t worry too much. We’ve got some of the most romantic, joyous and memorable gift ideas to make sure you create a warm glow in someones heart this year. So read on for 5 Christmas gift ideas that won’t expire on the 25th December!


The Christmas Proposal

A little known fact. Okay, maybe not so little known. Most proposals happen in December, with Christmas Eve topping Valentine’s Day on the romance charts. Therefore the top of our gift list this year has got to be the unexpected proposal. Many couples will opt to use the holiday season to celebrate an engagement – when all of their family and friends are around – so it makes sense that the week leading up to Christmas is buzzing with people eager to make huge romantic gestures that come in the shape of a ring. This really is the most romantic time of the year. Of course, not to mention that proposals mean celebrating, lots and lots of celebrating! If you propose at Christmas then you can organise an official celebration for the new year; and have yet another excuse to get everyone together. Engagement parties here we come!

***Warning*** Only to be used if you are seriously thinking about getting married! We don’t want everyone proposing to perfect strangers out on the street. No matter how romantic Christmas might be!


Winter Weddings

I know, this sounds extravagant, but hear me out. I’m not saying you should gift somebody an entire wedding. Now that would be some serious splashing-of-the-cash for even the most frivolous of us! What I’m talking about here is setting the date; and what better time of year to tie-the-knot than during the post-Christmas, long winter months, when there’s little else to look forward to. January blues won’t be happening for the wedding planning Brides or Grooms. There simply won’t be enough time to worry about the weather. Not to mention that a winter wedding is the one time we all wish for snow; a white wedding is truly magical and comes straight out of a movie. That’s a winner for everyone.


Pre-Booking Valentines Day

Okay, so I haven’t quite got the romance out of my system yet, but this one is a little more on the practical side. I’m thinking Valentine’s Day; but I’m also thinking about being organised and preparing in advance to take the stress of a valentine’s gift off of your mind and wrapping it up with Christmas all at once.  Pre-booking valentines day experiences and celebrations is a must, just as much as pre-booking Christmas is. Especially if you want to go the extra mile and plan a weekend away – or dare I say, a Valentines Day proposal in front of family and Friends. The gift of advanced planning for an extra special Valentine’s will be something for you to both look forward to together over the coming months.


Couple gifts

For that special couple in your life, it’s time to start thinking about a gift that they can enjoy together. Ticket’s to a concert, a West End show, trips away, experience days or a special meal out to celebrate their love. Whatever your coupled-up friends or relatives enjoy doing together, arrange an experience that will let them to do it in style. Forget the matching pyjama sets and cosy socks (they’re sure to get plenty of those too), this is about quality time together doing the things they love. So plan an extra special and heartwarmingly thoughtful gift and you’re sure to be top of their Christmas list next year!


Together Time

Hurray! I am finally leaving the romance behind. What I’m not leaving behind is the the gesture of gifting together-time to your nearest and dearest. I’m just heading away from the lovey-dovey route for this one. I don’t want anyone cringing at the whole over-the-top slush that I’ve just been feeding you all. This one is for everyone.

So, talking of quality time together… Family and friends are some of, if not THE, most important things in life; so it’s just as important to plan gifts that allow you to show that you appreciate quality time with them. Let them know they’re in your thoughts and plan gifts that can be enjoyed with you, with each other or in a group. Days out, magical experiences, or just a whole day of food, drink, laughter and joy. Show you appreciate them and give them the gift of time. If you’ve got a lot of people to bring together at once then this may take a bit of planning, but it will be one of the best gifts you give this year!

Thinking of making this year extra special and planning a huge romantic gesture? Gifting time together with your loved ones? Look no further! Our events team are on hand to help you organise and celebrate all of your Christmas proposals, winter weddings, family events or formal and informal parties. Contact us online, drop us an email at info@thechapelbar.co.uk or call us 020 7833 4090. We can help arrange all of your 2019 celebrations.


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