It’s time to put the SPRING back in your step – Five things we are looking forward to this month

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It’s time to put the SPRING back in your step – Five things we are looking forward to this month

The Meteorological Calendar, used by the likes of the Met Office, marks off the 1st March as the official start of spring. Well, why go by any other calendar if it doesn’t tell us what we want to hear right now. So YES it really IS springtime. It will seem pretty strange then to many of us, that suddenly, we have found ourselves this past week, luxuriating in piles of the white fluffy stuff. Luckily, we have the wonders of a fabulous British springtime waiting for us just around the corner.

So here are five of our favourite things about spring.LongerDays

Longer days and milder weather.

With many of us heading out to work and coming home under what feels like a continuous shroud of darkness, the thought of longer days to come is a cherished one. As we start to look forward to the more welcoming weather, we might be thinking about getting out and about into the fresh spring sunshine. We will be looking forward to taking long, carefree walks through some of the beautiful streets, parklands and tour routes around London and the surrounding areas. This is the time of year when we begin to feel energised and for many of us, we are looking forward to meeting up and sharing our time with our friends again. Those who have also spent the long winter days wrapped up warm in their homes. The Chapel Bar can help you with the perfect venue to plan your events and help you to reconnect in style.Easter3

Easter – Of Course

It’s not too hard to believe that easter is less than a month away, despite the biting weather. It seems likes an age ago that we were sat unwrapping gifts and indulging in (probably) all of the luxuries that come with the festive cheer. We are missing all of the winter overindulgence, so easter being visible on the horizon is certainly putting a smile back on our faces. April 1st will see an array of easter orientated activities brightening up the city and our homes. We can imagine already, the treasure hunts (yes, chocolate IS a treasure), bonnets adorned with little spring chickens and brown fuzzy nests, egg painting and sticky sweet smiling faces. These are all a part of the fun. We at The Chapel Bar are firmly of the belief that us grown ups can also join in with all the excitement.Cleaning

Spring Cleaning.

Spring is the perfect time of year to start getting your dusters out and freeing up space in your homes and gardens. Decluttering your living space can be therapeutic and will help to brighten up your days. For lots of us, a good spring clean means sorting through our wardrobes and focusing on packing away all of our thick jumpers and wooly hats. Why not hire our venue for an event where you can really start to show off your spring wardrobe. We here at The Chapel Bar love a good spring cleaning, just in time for some refreshing and revitalising sunshine. As the days get warmer we will be opening up our doors and windows and letting the spring breeze float on through. We can’t wait.LondonBloom

London in Bloom.

Now don’t jump to any conclusions here. We are not the type to sit making daisy chains or adorn our hair with colourful, spring flowers. But one thing we do love, is to see the world around us bursting back into life. Spring is a time when nature flows back into its most vivid and magical beauty. Bright colours assault our eyes and we see the rebirth of tulips, bluebells and daffodils. Nature truly is at its most wondrous. For those of you planning a springtime wedding (or any event), springtime provides a wealth of bright coloured blooms, readily available to help you bring a touch of nature into your planning.TinyAnimals

All the teeny tiny animals.

As the first few warmer days of spring begin to arrive, they bring with them the animals who have been huddled away in their homes all winter. Not only that, but all of the little baby animals are starting to venture out into the world. You may begin waking up to the first chirps of the baby birds outside of your windows. Or you may watch in awe as baby squirrels rush and scuttle around in the local parks. Spring is a time for us all to marvel at nature and to enjoy the new life sprouting up around us. Now, if only next winter we could hibernate with the animals, wouldn’t that be nice…

So now, as we begin to leave the duvet days behind us, lets start to think about all of the amazing things that spring has to offer and be grateful that, very soon, none of us will even remember the sound of the snow crunching under our feet.


The Chapel Bar provides a relaxing and inviting atmosphere for guests all year round. Our Terrace Room and Garden are available for hire. So if it’s still a bit too chilly in the evenings to sit outside with a drink, then these provide the perfect mixture of inside and out. You can hire our Terrace Room and the attached covered and heated Terrace Garden, for parties, events or corporate gatherings. Our venue rooms come with fully stocked bars, perfect for if you want to enjoy those extra few rays of spring sunshine with friends and colleagues while we all wait for the Summer to arrive. You can send us email enquiries for more information on booking your event with The Chapel Bar, or why not call us directly on 020 7833 4090.

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What a great night. Everything went brill! Your staff were superb. Completely unobtrusive but they managed to be very attentive at the same time. The food was great and the drinks flowed. Having the license for the balcony until 1 am was amazing. Everyone commented on what a great venue we had chosen so I can't recommend it is highly enough. Once again, many, many thanks.

Cheryl Walton

Great Success. Very helpful staff, very friendly security (this isn't very common) and everyone was really accommodating. I would highly recommend.

Chris Topper

We had our Wedding Reception at the Chapel Bar; what a fantastic night. The food was absolutely delicious with plenty for everyone, the bar and door staff were absolutely wonderful and the venue brilliant. We have received loads of excellent feedback about the venue, food and staff. Thank you so much for making our night such a memorable experience.

Mary & Allan Stewart

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