Making YOUR Wedding Right for YOU – Picking the Perfect Wedding Venue


Making YOUR Wedding Right for YOU – Picking the Perfect Wedding Venue

Despite the chill and the way that January has just dragged on and on, getting all cosy indoors gives everyone ample opportunity for thinking about our futures. Added to this, with Valentines day close by, the magic of romance is lingering everywhere this month. So it’s a perfect storm to get us all thinking long and hard about all the important decisions that go into planning the most romantic day of our lives. Your Wedding Day!

Your wedding is a day that you will cherish forever; and which is a physical representation of you and your serious others’ love; and the most important thing is getting it right for you. From the food to the first dance and beyond, this day is all about you and the one you love. Decisions that seemed unimportant when popping the question are suddenly much more pressing for the flourishing wedding planner. Which theme or style best suits you? For your Wedding Breakfast would you rather opt for a sit down meal with all the added luxuries, or would a buffet better provide the atmosphere you’re after? Or do you want the option of having both with more guests arriving as you move from formal to informal? Do you want live music or a bit of a dance party?

Get the wedding venue right and the rest should fall into place with a little bit less stress. So with this in mind, we are taking a closer look at what a perfect wedding venue provides; adaptability, catering capabilities and optimum partying options!


Adaptable Wedding Venue Spaces

The ideal venue can adapt to accommodate both a smaller more formal party; and as the evening progresses, a larger number of guests with a more relaxed feel. Putting all the formal seating away and opening up the space for a mixture of mingling at the bar and dancing the night away, allows you to get the best of both worlds. A good venue has the floor space and layout for plenty of dancing, especially for the first dance as a married couple. Let your hair down at the end of the night and get a little crazy on the dance floor. Maybe practice doing some of those viral dance moves that are absolutely everywhere right now. We can all learn a little something from the youngsters. If everyone is really lucky, that old uncle of yours will pull out the chicken dance moves. It’s a celebration after all.


Formal and Informal Food options

Many couples opt to invite more guests to their reception than to the full wedding celebration, so venue adaptability is crucial to accommodate the different needs for each part of your big day. The Wedding Breakfast is usually a formal affair, with seated guests. This is the opportunity for the best man and other wedding party members give their speeches – usually in the form of a good old-fashioned roasting of the Bride and Groom; and lots of tears from the new in-laws.  But later in the evening, things can become much more relaxed with an evening buffet and a proper party atmosphere. Whether you want to bring in your favourite external caterers, use the knowledge of venue staff to help organise food options, or rely on the venue management to create and serve the perfect menu; the perfect venue should be able to give you exactly what you want.


Let me Entertain You

The option between having a band, a DJ or any other form of entertainment should not be limited by the venue you have chosen. Picking the perfect venue should take into account the need for multiple entertainment options. You should be able to produce memory laden slideshows to show your guests during the speeches, provide live music AND introduce drunken karaoke towards the end of the night; and you absolutely must have a dance floor to boogie all night long! The way a venue can adapt to suit different needs at different stages of the day or night is an ultimate selling point when picking the perfect space to celebrate.

At The Chapel Bar we pride ourselves on adapting to suit the needs of all our guests; not only with our hugely adaptable venue, offering two separate venue spaces or the option to hire out the whole place; but with our fabulous staff who are always on hand to help with all your wedding and party planning needs. No matter the structure and plan for the day, our venue and events team are on hand to help at every turn. Contact us out online or email Alternatively, give us a call  on 020 7833 4090 to find out how our venue can work for you.

Our reviews

What a great night. Everything went brill! Your staff were superb. Completely unobtrusive but they managed to be very attentive at the same time. The food was great and the drinks flowed. Having the license for the balcony until 1 am was amazing. Everyone commented on what a great venue we had chosen so I can't recommend it is highly enough. Once again, many, many thanks.

Cheryl Walton

Great Success. Very helpful staff, very friendly security (this isn't very common) and everyone was really accommodating. I would highly recommend.

Chris Topper

We had our Wedding Reception at the Chapel Bar; what a fantastic night. The food was absolutely delicious with plenty for everyone, the bar and door staff were absolutely wonderful and the venue brilliant. We have received loads of excellent feedback about the venue, food and staff. Thank you so much for making our night such a memorable experience.

Mary & Allan Stewart

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