New Year, New Experiences: 5 ways to Ring in the New Year in Style.


New Year, New Experiences: 5 ways to Ring in the New Year in Style.

While we’ve all been loving roasting our toes by the fire through the Christmas season, it’s a brand spanking New Year and time to brush off our outdoor clothes and start afresh. For many of us, the New Year sees a return to work or whatever everyday activities we’ve been putting off over the past couple of weeks or more; and now the harsh realities of life are just lingering around the corner waiting to burst our little bubble of festive joy. However, a New Year brings new opportunities and new excitements to focus on as well as a return to the norm. Let’s make this New Year a joyous one and throw ourselves into it in style. With that in mind, this month we are dedicating our blog to some of the best ways to make this New Year spectacular.


London in the New Year

As cold and wet as January is, London is actually pretty mild throughout January compared to some other parts of the Country. Perfect for a spot of sightseeing, post-Christmas sales shopping, or even just a meander around the local area. Why not take yourself off to one of the many fantastic markets this month; and grab a bargain not seen on the high streets. There’s loads to choose from, with Chapel Market in the Centre of Islington (open Tuesdays to Sundays) and the addition of the London Farmers Market (on Sundays), which brings produce from all around London right to our doorsteps. Further afield we have Camden Market, Borough Market, Brick Lane Market, Covent Garden or even Columbia Road Flower Market. There’s just too many to list here!

If you fancy something a little bit less about shopping, then visiting some of the famous landmarks and attractions around London will keep you busy until it warms up a little. Visit London (website or app) has a great list of places that are definitely worth a visit. If it is super cold outside then opt for an indoors attractions; or grab a hot drink on your way around if you think you can handle being outside for a little while longer!


New Reasons to Celebrate

The New Year brings new reasons to celebrate and new ideas to go with them. Weddings, Engagements, birthdays and even our ability to make it through the holiday season unscathed! These are all fantastic reasons to throw a wild and whacky party. Why not start planning a party with work colleagues, friends or family and throw yourself into some serious party planning to beat away those mid-January blues. Who knows what the next year has in store for everyone, but one thing is for sure, it can all be a bit more enjoyable if you spend it with the people you care about. There’s always a reason to celebrate and a New Year means another twelve months of new reasons!


Rewind and Repeat

All the things you loved last year, you’re sure to love again this year. We suggest taking the best parts and rehashing them to make them even better. If things went wrong, this is the opportunity to change a few things up as well. Did you just love that little restaurant you visited in May? Visit it again! Did you have the time of your life at a wild Salsa party? Then get your Salsa on! New experiences rock, but the tried and tested ones are also pretty epic in our opinion. So rewind to your best bits and do it all over again like a pro!


New Year, New Skills

Every New Year comes with a set of resolutions to help give us a little direction to improve, enhance or enjoy our lives a little more. Aside from the usual, healthy eating, healthy living, exercise more, experience more; there’s loads of other things you can resolve to do that doesn’t take half as much energy. Taking a short course is a fab idea for the New Year. Learn to make a mean cocktail, take up dance classes, even learn a new language. Learning new hobbies or gaining new skills is liberating and exciting. So why not make the jump before the New Year momentum is gone. It’s also great for showing off, so go for it, you won’t be disappointed!


Enjoy Winter!

Even though most of us have to return to work in the New Year, we’ve still got the weekends to enjoy some cosy indoor time. We can dedicate a little time to ourselves; and snuggle up on those extra cold nights (or even days). Especially whilst all our cosy Christmas presents haven’t been fully exhausted yet! Whip up a nice luxurious hot chocolate, grab a nice warm blanket and a good book or film; or take a long relaxing bath with some of those Christmas bath bits you picked up throughout December. Although we love a few new experiences, you can still enjoy winter through a window when it gets really cold outside!


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