Reasons to Be Cheerful (not Part 3)


Reasons to Be Cheerful (not Part 3)

Whether you’re into the juice of the carrot, the smile of the parrot, a little drop of claret or you’re too young to remember the wise words of Ian Drury and the Blockheads, the international political stage suggests that there’s currently quite the shortage of reasons to be cheerful right now. Admittedly, it looks pretty bleak out there, but we’re here to remind you that there is always a brighter side. Here’s a bunch of reasons to be cheerful, even when Trump is president, Brexit is on the horizon and we’ve forgotten the last time we saw the sun…

Magic Mike is coming to Netflix in February (We’ll bring the popcorn!)

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Don’t just assume that because Magic Mike is about male strippers that it has no storyline. This is a film with serious heart that will warm you up on even the coldest and most miserable nights of Donald Trump’s Presidency. This is the story of Mike who’s working hard to make ends meet any way he can – which means being the lead in an all male revue show. Expect to see Channing Tatum pulling some awesome shapes without a shirt on, the odd laugh here and there, and an unexpectedly warming tale of love and life.

Beer yoga exists (Where do we sign up?!)

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Yes friends. You read that right. 2017 is the year of Beer Yoga (should we call it Boga, or does that sound too much like bogey?). Apparently started by hipsters in Berlin, the trend has now made it’s way to the shores of Australia, and we’ll hazard a bet that it’ll be cropping up in London shortly, attended by bearded blokes in brogues. Billed as the “marriage of two great loves—beer and yoga. Both are centuries-old therapies for mind, body and soul,” but the founder claims this isn’t all a gimmick (we’re not convinced) but says “We take the philosophies of yoga and pair it with the pleasure of beer-drinking to reach your highest level of consciousness.”

Booze and stretching must be worth a try though, right? We just hope it’s craft beer, otherwise none of the hipsters will go…

No more clean eating (never a trend we got on board with!)

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We couldn’t be more delighted to see that the “clean eating” fad appears to be dying a death. If you’ve been sat with your head in a bucket for the last 18 months (and we’re not sure why you would be doing that) you’ll have noticed the imperceptible rise of categorising foods as “clean” and “dirty”. As far as we’re concerned good food involves neither antibacterial sprays or a sprinkling of mud from the local park, so we’ve never been au fait with the trend. We love food, more than anything in the world some might say, and we’re really pleased to see the Clean Eating Police are finally being shouted down. Now pass us that delicious, juicy burger and those truffle fries. Hold the judgement.

This teacher has handshakes for all his students (and he is called Barry White!)

Unless you went to secondary school on another planet, we’d be willing to put money on the fact that when you look back on your school years, you’ll be pretty glad that you made it outta there alive, regardless of what your exam results were or whether you made any lifelong friends. So imagine how awesome it would be if your teacher were the kinda guy who went to the effort of creating a unique handshake, just for you, to welcome you to class every day? Well this guy, Barry White in North Carolina does just that for all 40 of his students. Awesome, right? We give this dude an A*. 10/10.

You don’t have a snake stuck in your ear lobe (as far as we know?)

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 13.36.44

Ashley Glawe from Portland, Oregon shared photos of an unexpected and pretty unique trip to hospital on social media earlier this week. Glawe was forced to attend her local A&E after her ball python, Bart, entangled himself in her stretched ear piercing hole. She explained on Facebook “I was holding my snake and his dumb ass saw a hole, which just so happened to be my f***** earlobe, and thought that it would be a bright idea to attempt to make it through.”

So, if you’re feeling down about anything else, at least this hasn’t happened to you this week…

What are your reasons to be cheerful right now? We’d love to hear ’em!

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