Why You’re Lucky to Have a September Birthday


Why You’re Lucky to Have a September Birthday

While many bemoan the end of August as the dwindling of the summer weather, we love September and the fact that it brings with it the early days of autumn. September may mean we feel the warmth of the sunshine less and less, but it brings with it a whole host of autumnal treats. From the colours it brings as the leaves fade, to those crisp and frosty mornings as the winter rolls in and the imminent arrival of Bonfire Night and Halloween. We won’t mention again how excited we are for Christmas.

But we’ve been thinking about it and after some serious consideration and the odd debate at the bar, as well as being the start of the best season, we think September is the best month to have a birthday. There may be the odd September baby working at The Chapel Bar so we may be biased, but here’s five of our thoughts on why it’s the best time to be born.

1) You’re a Virgo or a libra, meaning you’re distinctly cool

Let’s just take a moment to look at the characteristics of the star signs assigned to those born in the month of September. Virgo: reliable, practical, intelligent and kind. Libra: also kind, as well as being gentle, charming and romantic. All of these things combine to make a pretty excellent person – and someone everyone will want to party with, meaning your celebrations will be the biggest and the best of the year.

2) You’ve got a whole host of cool celebs to share your celebrations with.

Let’s just take a moment to take stock of all of the awesome superstars who are proud to pull out their birthday badge in September. Actor Will Smith, musician P!nk, and the hilarious Jimmy Fallon were all born this month, not to mention actual royal baby Prince Harry who celebrates on the 1st. And let’s not forget the queen of them all, Beyonce is a September baby too. So you’re pretty much the same as Queen Bey, amirite?

3) You share a birth month with Jack Daniels

No-one really knows when Jack Daniels of the whisky fame was actually born. Most signs point to September, so rather than picking a random date as their founders’ birthday, the folk at Jack Daniels determined to celebrate for the whole entire month. Really, if your birthday is in September you should do the same. Check out this extensive list of all the tantalisingly tasty JD cocktails you could be drinking to toast another year on this planet.

4) You’re probably a clever clogs

Maybe it’s because they’re the oldest kids in the year, or maybe it’s just because they have an aptitude for learning and retaining information  but apparently babies born in September are 25% more likely to get into Oxford or Cambridge university than a baby born in August. While neither party may actually want to undertake the life of an Oxbridge scholar, it’s pretty nice to know you’d probably be able to manage it if you fancied.

5) No distractions = better celebrations

Summer is officially OVER meaning no-one will be distracted by sunny weather or holidays, which in turn means they can give your birthday the attention it really deserves. Chat to a friend with an August birthday about organising a bash while everyone’s swanning off to the Caribbean to find out just how lucky you are.

And if you want to host your banging birthday bash with us, you can do just that. Drop us an email, give us a call on 020 7833 4090, or visit our website for more info.

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