Start your Christmas Party Planning Now! Five themed Christmas Party Ideas.

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Start your Christmas Party Planning Now! Five themed Christmas Party Ideas.

We know that the sunshine has barely begun to warm us up after the long cold winter, but we are already starting to look ahead to planning our christmas parties and all that they entail. Are you hoping to host a corporate Christmas party? Complete with Christmas traditions like mistletoe and (jugs and jugs of) wine? Is an evening of fine dining and top notch entertainment more your cup of tea? Or perhaps you’re undecided on a theme. Well, we can help with that. This week, we have put our heads together and compiled a list of the best themed Christmas party ideas for the festive season 2018. Enjoy!


Murder Mystery Dinner

Whodunnit? I promise it wasn’t me, but it may well have been you! Murder mystery events provide an evening of entertainment, excitement and suspense. Players are given a character to ‘play’ and then work together in teams or pairs to try to solve a gruesome murder. Murder mystery evenings take a little bit of planning and you can hire a team of specialised actors to help the evening run smoothly and keep everything to schedule. Or you can plan the murder event yourself. Just make sure you are only staging the murder! Attire is often black tie and cocktail dresses, but you can always go a little more casual, or even consider making your murder mystery event a costume party.


The Masked/Masquerade Ball

If you’re a fan of mystery and thrills but aren’t such a huge fan of investigative games, why not consider hosting a Masquerade Ball instead. Masquerade Balls are historically a decadent and glamorous affair, emerging as a popular lavish party style during the 15th Century, although we didn’t see our first Masquerade Ball here in London until the 18th Century. Fine dining, evening entertainment and fabulous music suitable for dancing the night away, provides the perfect combination of extravagance and enjoyment; and remember, at a Masquerade Ball, intrigue is abound and anonymity is essential.


White Christmas

The magic of a Winter wonderland doesn’t need to be confined to Hyde Park this year. Plan your Christmas party around a perfect wintry setting to bring out your inner child or to set your guests’ eyes alight. Take a trip into the wintry world of Narnia, or relax in romantic, snow covered scenery. If it isn’t already a white Christmas outside, it can still be a white Christmas inside. Don’t forget the eggnog, iced cocktails, hot chocolate and heartwarmingly good food. This year there will be magic and the only limit is your imagination.


Christmas Karaoke

Now we are really getting into the spirit of things. Rocking around the Christmas tree, it’s such a happy holiday. Or at least it will be once you’ve fought off the other guests for the microphone. All the most famous songs are sure to be on the playlist of course, Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ and The Pogues ‘Fairytale of New York’ are already going to be playing on repeat everywhere you go, so you’ll have the whole place singing along. With a dedicated karaoke evening and plenty of drinks to get even the most shy of guests up onto the stage, the entertainment is sure to diminish as the hours go on. But that’s what it’s all about. Everyone get your video phones at the ready. Is that a cat I hear yowling?


Ugliest jumper

Has your gran ever knitted you one of those christmas jumpers that never quite fit right or that has one arm longer than the other, or a head hole that simply won’t fit over your head? Maybe you’ve been handed a beautifully wrapped gift, inside of which is a jumper that itches until it burns. Well now you can finally put those to good use! You could even make it work in your favour and win a prize for having the ugliest of ugly jumpers! So we say, the uglier the better.

Now, don’t worry if you haven’t got a needle wielding relative to knock up a ghastly sweater for you. You can buy some pretty good (ugly) jumpers online; or even think about making your own. I was thinking about going as an actual christmas tree for our Christmas party. Complete with bauble earrings and a star on my head. Nobody will want to run into me under the mistletoe this year thats for sure!


The Chapel Bar provides a relaxed and adaptable environment to suit any type of christmas party. Our Saloon Bar is ideal for an evening of mystery and suspense and our Terrace Room and Terrace Garden make a stunning backdrop to a less formal evening of frivolities. Each of our venue spaces are available with fully stocked bars, audio equipment, adaptable seating and a 3am licence. For an informal chat or to book your christmas party with us you can send us email enquiries or call us directly on 020 7833 4090.

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What a great night. Everything went brill! Your staff were superb. Completely unobtrusive but they managed to be very attentive at the same time. The food was great and the drinks flowed. Having the license for the balcony until 1 am was amazing. Everyone commented on what a great venue we had chosen so I can't recommend it is highly enough. Once again, many, many thanks.

Cheryl Walton

Great Success. Very helpful staff, very friendly security (this isn't very common) and everyone was really accommodating. I would highly recommend.

Chris Topper

We had our Wedding Reception at the Chapel Bar; what a fantastic night. The food was absolutely delicious with plenty for everyone, the bar and door staff were absolutely wonderful and the venue brilliant. We have received loads of excellent feedback about the venue, food and staff. Thank you so much for making our night such a memorable experience.

Mary & Allan Stewart

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