Summer Cocktails to Tantalise the Tastebuds


Summer Cocktails to Tantalise the Tastebuds

Summer is synonymous with hanging outside at the faintest sign of sunshine, taking in the Great British weather and, true to stereotypes, enjoying a tipple or two while we do it. And at this time of year, a simple beer or a half of bitter shandy just won’t satisfy our needs. We’re in the market for pink drinks with a taste of the exotic, preferably with a decorative umbrella to boot. We’re looking for drinks as sophisticated as we think we are, so cocktails are absolutely the order of the day.

We’re constantly thinking about what drinks we can add to our (already extensive) repertoire, and these summer cocktails recipes are some of our current favourites for warmer weather. Why not try rustling them up yourself at home this weekend? Let us know how you get on!

Ginflower Fizz

It’s absolutely impossible to go wrong with Prosecco cocktails, whatever it is you’re celebrating. Classy, elegant, refreshing and altogether delicious make these beauties the perfect combination for any party or event. We just can’t get enough of a ginflower fizz when the evenings get lighter and the sun lingers for that little bit longer. Here’s how you can make one too:

Ingredients: (makes 1)

  • 2 parts Gin
  • 1 part Elderflower cordial (Bottlegreen works well!)
  • Prosecco
  • Lime Wedges
  • Sugar (for the rim of the glass)

Combine gin and elderflower cordial in a cocktail shaker. Place sugar on a small plate, rub a lime around the rim of the glass and use to coat glass rim. Pour gin and elderflower mix into glass, top with Prosecco. Perfection.

Twisted Mojito

Mojito’s are a classic cocktail that never gets old, but one that has the opportunity to be ripped up and remade time and time again. This twisted mojito combines sweet blueberries with tart limes for a tastebud tingling sensation.

Ingredients: (makes 2)

  • 1 cup blueberries
  • Juice of 2 limes
  • 10 fresh mint leaves
  • 2 tsp white sugar
  • 170ml club soda
  • 100ml rum

Whizz blueberries in a mixer (or by hand) until smooth. Slowly mix in mint leaves and sugar. Add rum, club soda and lime juice. Stir well. Garnish with extra blueberries and lime. Divine.

Tropical Sangria

Sangria is another summer staple, especially if you’re trying to recreate your Spanish holidays of yesteryear, but these can be twisted on their heads and given a totally tropical taste with just a few adjustments, starting with using Savvy B as your base, rather than vin rouge. So, what do you need to do?

Ingredients: (makes 4)

  • 1 bottle of sweet white wine
  • 100ml Malibu rum
  • 750ml pineapple juice
  • 1/2 carton of orange juice
  • Sliced fresh fruit – pineapple, oranges, strawberries and kiwi work well

This is the easiest of all cocktails to make. Simply combine all ingredients in your biggest pitcher, then chill until ready to serve. It’s worth remembering that the more fruit you use, the better.

Champagne popsicles

OK. So we KNOW this isn’t quite a cocktail so to speak, but this is one Instagram craze that is actually worth your time, especially on a hot summer’s day in June. They’re irresistible and will get snaffled up very quickly by those you’re entertaining. You just need some ice lolly moulds and a little bit of forward planning.

Ingredients: (makes 10)

  • 3/4 cup of champagne
  • 3/4 cup berry flavoured sparkling rose
  • 220g mixed berries (frozen fruit works well here!)

Another simple but super effective mix here – simply combine all of your ingredients in a jug, then slowly (and carefully) transfer into the ice lolly moulds. Pop in the freezer for about two to four hours, or until frozen solid. Just don’t let the kids get their hands on these!

Tequila Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? Totally. And if you wanna make the lemonade a bit more suitable for grown ups, you add tequila too. Here’s how to make this family favourite – but don’t blame us for the adult headaches it might create.

Ingredients: (makes 4)

  • 8 lemons
  • Dash of syrup
  • 4 sprigs fresh mint, torn
  • 1 lemon, sliced into wheels
  • 100ml tequila
  • Dash of soda water

Add 2 cups of ice into a large pitcher, then squeeze in the juice of your lemons. Add the syrup, the mint, tequila and soda water and stir thoroughly. Place in the fridge to chill until required, then serve in tall glasses, garnished with lemon, a sprig of mint and an umbrella if you’re feeling fancy.

What’s your favourite cocktail for the summer months?

Here at The Chapel Bar, we’re all about cocktails on our terrace. Covered, heated and perfect whatever the weather, there’s really no better way to celebrate the summer. If you want to host your event with us, we’ll rustle up whatever cocktails you fancy, and we can promise to add a dash of style to your event too.

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