Why You Should Throw a Corporate Party BEFORE Christmas


Why You Should Throw a Corporate Party BEFORE Christmas

Alright! Calm down. Don’t hate on us for mentioning the C word before October. There’s a method in our madness, promise. We’re not trying to chivvy the year along too quickly, but we do want to take this opportunity to offer you a piece of our best advice. We’re here to suggest you give your staff a treat this autumn. “What kind of treat?” you say. Well, we think you should throw a corporate party BEFORE  the big annual blow out during the festive season. “Why?” you ask. The reasons are manyfold friends. Here’s just a few of them:

1. Your staff deserve it.

Whether you employ a staff of 2, 20 or 200 you can pretty much guarantee they’ve been working their socks off over the past few months. When they could have been staring out of the window daydreaming about ice creams in the park and gorgeous sunshine, they’ve been pulling all sorts of hours in front of their computer to make sure that business keeps going. While some might think that a paycheque is enough of a reward for working, it’s also common sense that staff who feel appreciated are more likely to go the extra mile when it’s needed. Pay cheques and bonuses are all well and good – but your staff spend more time with their colleagues than they do with their families. They’re likely to have formed some pretty tight relationships and parties are a good opportunity to celebrate that.

2. More choice of dates

Christmas parties get booked months in advance (side note – if you’re thinking about your Christmas party already, we can help with that) meaning you can be restricted on dates and times for throwing a bash. At this time of year though, there’s less going on. Summer parties are on the wind down as the weather changes while wedding season has eased off it’s furore too. Now’s the perfect patch of downtime to easily secure a date for your event.

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3. Good for morale

Maintaining morale is essential in the working world. Employing people in London is a competitive business – employees choose you as much as you choose them and keeping them happy is a core part of retention and attracting new people into your business. Throwing a party at this time of year will give your employees a positive boost as we leave behind the Great British Summer (we’re pretty sure it happened at some point) and swing towards autumn and the chills of winter. You can’t make the summer months last but you can create a feel good vibe that will help to counteract any onset of SAD in your employees.

4. It’s Unexpected

It’s not that common to throw parties at this time of year, so your staff will be pleasantly surprised and delighted when the email invite drops into their inbox. They won’t have been expecting it, making it an even better and more welcome reward for all their hard work. Surprises for them = brownie points for you. Everyone is a winner!

5. It’s a long time til Christmas

To paraphrase a famous HBO show, Winter is Coming and August marks the last bank holiday of the year until Christmas Day. It’s a long, hard slog through to the festive season and for many it’s the busiest time of the year. A party at this time of the year is a great way to say sayonara to the summer in style and take the edge off the start of the cooler weather.

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